Label: InVisionMusik
Release Date: 17-12-2020
Genre: Death Metal

About Album

Twenty years after its original release from the now defunct Greek label InVisionMusik! It was time for the classic album by the Greek legendary death metal band OBSECRATION to make it available to public once again. With enhanced artwork and bonus tracks it is an essential release for everybody who likes old school underground death metal the way it was meant to be played.

OBSECRATION was formed back in 1989 making them the oldest death metal band in Greece still being active and this was their 2nd album that was released back in 2000. This release commemorates the 20 years that have already passed from that day and celebrates the legend that OBSECRATION has become with their loyalty to the scene and the quality releases and live performances they did over the years.

  • Re-release of the long sold out second album of the band
  • Limited edition of 500 copies with extra high quality sticker as gift.
  • Includes rare and unreleased bonus tracks giving it a total running time of over 65 minutes.
  • The final mixing and mastering for this release was done by George Emmanuel (ex-ROTTING CHRIST, LUCIFER’S CHILD) at his own
  • Pentagram Studios in Piraeus in October 2020.
  • •Oceanum Oblivione”, released in 2000, received tons of positive reviews by the magazines and fanzines worldwide helping the band play live around Greece and support big names of the thrash and death metal scene at their visits in Greece.

01. Oceanum Oblivione (Intro)
02. The Inheritors of Pain Pt. III (We Are the Chosen Ones!!!)
03. Marble Jaws of Oblivion
04. Grotesque
The Mourning Of The Ghoul (Trilogy Of Sorrow)
05. The Intruder
06. My Vision and My Dream
07. I Am an Odious Ghoul
08. Where the Slime Lives
09. In the Name of the Unborn Offspring
I Am an Odious Ghoul (Promo`96)
10. My Vision and My Dream
11. I Am an Odious Ghoul
Reh at Wave Productions Studios on 15/9/97
12. Where the Slime Lives
13. The Inheritors of Pain Pt. III (We Are the Chosen Ones!!!)
14. Grotesque
15. The Intruder
Live at Paranoid Club on 28/9/97
16. Marble Jaws of Oblivion
17. Lycanthropy
18. In the Name of the Unborn Offspring