Artist: Dodskold
Label: Pesttanz Klangschmiede
Release Date: 28-5-2021

About Album

Hailing from the Black Metal underground and drawing on the very earliest days of Scandinavian black metal, Dodskold is a pinnacle of vision: grim and cold Black Metal in Swedish, reminiscent of an era long gone.
The black trinity behind Dodskold has all been part of the Extreme Metal scene for decades. While not strictly anonymous, this project is not about its individual members. Rather, it’s about the entity that is Dodskold – created from the same raw, unforgiving, yet melancholy atmosphere that infuses much of Nordic life and culture.
1. Sista Ridten
2. Döderskan
3. Misärens Triumf
4. Ty Döden Är Lifvets Lön
5. Jotunhedarna
6. Myrkskogh
7. Ödeskväde Till Riddersmark
T – Vocals
M – bass, drums, keyboards
L – guitars
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