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Artist: Consumed By Vultures
Label: Rising Nemesis Records
Release Date: 21-6-2019
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Suffocation, Ingested, Aborted, Deeds of Flesh

About Album

Format: Digital | CD | LP
Country: Switzerland

Pseudobiblion: A fictional book is a book (created specifically for a work of fiction) that sometimes provides the basis of the plot of a story, a common thread in a series of books, or the works of a particular writer or canon of work. A fictional book may also be used as a mode of conceit to illustrate a story within a story.”

Their last LP “In Eterno” is a concept album that speaks about this undefined “Entity” who arise in the first song, grow up, becomes aware of the environment/society of the world where he’s born  and put an end to this cycle of life. This Entity does this infinite times (from there the title “In Eterno” that means forever in italian). Space and time are not defined and can change in every cycle.
In “Pseudobiblion” they continue the concept of the first LP.
In this album the Entity write a book during one of his infinite cycles. This book (and accordingly the album) is heavily inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy and it’s divided in three section which contains three different stories/themes. In those stories the Entity speaks about some planets where he’s born in three of his infinite cycles.

Album structure
As written before “Pseudobiblion” is inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, not on strict terms of content but on the structure and style.
Dante’s comedy it’s divided by 3 cantiche (sections).
The first with 34 chants: 1 intro (proemio) and 33 chants, the second and the third with 33 chants .
The summ it’s 99 chants (two times 9, the magic number)  + 1 intro = 100 chants.
Our album has 9 songs + 1 intro = 10 chants (songs).
Each verse of the “Divine Comedy” has 11 syllables but since we wrote almost the full album in english (english does not use 11 syllables in poems), almost all our verses have 10 syllables.
Meanwhile for italian verses we used almost everytime 11 syllables.
The “Divine Comedy” has 3 sections : Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.
Pseudobiblion” speaks about 3 themes:
subjucation/dependency/greed, environment/ecology and religions/caste.
Each theme is divided into 3 sections:
“Descent in the abyss (Hell)”, “Purification(Purgatory)” and “Lesson (Paradise)”.

As can be seen from the scheme above there are differents “listening orders” for the album:
– Section sequence: “normal” song progression. You ear first the beginning of each Theme, then the central part and then the end.
– Theme sequence: progression 1, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9, 4, 7, 10 you listen for the full theme one at time.

1. Canto II. L’albero Sacro – Canto V. La grande piramide – Canto VIII. L’erede
this planet’s society is ruled by heirs of ancient gods who sacrifice children to the sacred tree (the tree is made of  children bodies and souls) . The normal population is blind, devoid of will and wanders aimlessly and without thoughts other than the desire to please the ancient gods. Only a select few have the courage go into darkness to defy them.
The Entity then create a new religion of the great pyramid to give a new hope to the population but they fall slave of the great pyramid.
This theme (in our interpretation)  is a critic to everything that subjucate us (like technology/society/etc)

2. Canto III. Cenere – Canto VI. Servi del fuoco – Canto IX. Gli occhi dei divini
This planet is covered of “ash” (more like burned souls) that falls  from the grey sky that is suffocating all light and hopes of the creatures. Those creature are macilent and their flash is corroded from the ash and the cold wind. The air is filled by screams of pain. These creatures are dragging themselves towards and immaginary salvation but they can’t reach it. They burn their dead as an offering to gods but by doing that they increase the ash rain.
The Entity create a new group of alcolytes called servants of fire to end this world to give space for a new one.
This theme (in our interpretation) is about “environment/ecology”.

3. Canto IV. Architetti dell’ignoto – Canto VII. Papyrus Excelsi – Canto X. La scrittura ultima
This world is ruled by cultists of Venus, the red planet. They have the power of life and death over everything. The cult have faith in purification through violence and represses every other cult.
The entity create a new caste/religion to rule the world.
This theme (in our interpretation) speaks of the caste/religions that rule the world

At the end of every theme explanation there is OUR interpretation but, since it’s abstract/figurative, everyone can have his own interpretation.

Canto I. Proemio
Canto II. L’Albero Sacro
Canto III. Cenere
Canto IV. Architetti dell’Ignoto
Canto V. La Grande Piramide
Canto VI. Servi del Fuoco
Canto VII. Encaustum – Papyrus Excelsi
Canto VIII. L’Erede
Canto IX. Gli Occhi dei Divini
Canto X. La Scrittura Ultima

Vocals: Alex Medici, Simone Di Cerbo
Guitars: Timoteo Costantini, Mattia La Delfa
Drums: Nereo Costantini
Bass: Matteo Valenti

Recorded by Jack Demon at Brainscan Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson
Artwork by Eliran Kantor

Website: https://linktr.ee/consumedbyvultures
Bandcamp: https://consumedbyvultures.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConsumedByVultures
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXkAR4SF3j0&list=PL8Yf0D0SKSFU4OqZ5Vey8OM5mbmKiHCz8
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