Artist: Lee Macey
Label: Dr John's Surgery Records
Release Date: 3-12-2020

About Album

Lee Macey is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the UK. He has been writing and recording music since 1992, and now has over 9 hours of music released on Spotify, including his work with Conspires To, Station Island, & Terra Nova. The music is mainly rock and metal but covers many other genres from funk to folk. Having a penchant for a story, there is the odd concept album in the catalogue and a wide range of themes covering life, death and everything in between.

“Skyquake” is the dazzling new solo instrumental album by Conspires To, Station Island and Terra Nova guitarist Lee Macey.
This is everything you would expect, heavy guitars, haunting melodies and blazing guitar solos. From heavy riffs to beautiful atmospheric pieces, this album has it all. One listen just wont be enough.

Flight Of The War Birds
Glimmer Of Light
Beyond Europa
Deployment To Earth
Dirt Kicker
Anchors For Sharp Elevations
Pure Release
Sky Quake
The Killing Man