The Path Beyond the Cycle of Birth and Death

Artist: Phraxathon
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 23-3-2020
Genre: Black / Death Metal

About Album

PHRAXATHON was born in 2018 with the need to recover old compositions and ideas that already resided back in the year 2000 in the head of Fer (ex-Asepsia 1994-1997).
These ideas have a personal vision of human development and its relationship with nature, both spiritual and physical.
With typical black metal sharp riffs and hard-hitting heavy cadences of death metal roots, they confront these feelings of recognition of the conscious self.
The first album released independently, with the name “The Path Beyond The Cycle Of Birth and Death” (2020), collects 7 songs in a journey through a sonic forcefulness marked by guitars with an oppressive atmosphere.
This work takes up the sound of those early 90’s bands, direct songs, intermingling European death metal and black metal as a base, with some more classic thrash metal riffs.
1. The Path Beyond the Cycle of Birth and Death
2. Unreal
3. Saule
4. Follow the Black Bird
5. King Nodul
6. Ghost Ship
7. You’ll Never Be Here