Torch Of Rock And Roll

Artist: The Mighty One
Label: S.A.O.L Music
Release Date: 26-3-2021
Genre: Hard Rock
For fans of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Faith No More...

About Album

Canadian heavy rock and metal steamroller The Mighty One released their new album in March.
Although it’s a brutally straightforward and honest album, it’s The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output to date. Reflecting a life dedicated to heavy music, with all the ups and downs, the awe-inspiring moments, the power trips, and the heartbreaking losses that such a commitment entails, it already has the charge for a dramatic rock and metal opera. But keeping most of the songs and the tone-setting finale in 2020, leaving us like beaten animals in their cages, vacillating between depression and the will to just break out and follow our fucking goals once again and forever, made all the difference because there was clearly no room for clichés here. What began with a bleak setting quickly begins to excite with the revelation of the hope and purpose that resides – seen or unseen – somewhere within each of us.
Tim Steinruck, vocals and guitar
Bob Wagner, drums
Gustavo Valderrama, bass