Tumši ūdeņi

Label: Self-Released
Genres: Death Metal, Doom Metal

About Album

FRAILTY, a doom/ Death Metal band from Riga, Latvia, was formed in 2003. Since then, the band has become one of the most well-known entities in the Latvian heavy music scene. Frailty focuses on making dark, heavy and melancholic music. Lyrically, the band explores the darkest emotions of humanity and also offers their interpretations of stories from history, mythology and literature (mainly, but not exclusively, H.P. Lovecraft and his followers). Frailty’s musical influences mainly include Doom Metal bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Evoken, Saturnus, Candlemass.
The latest Frailty album Tumši ūdeņi (The Dark Waters) is the first album where the lyrics are written in Latvian. They deal with dark premonitions, fear of death, fear of abandonment by God, interpretations of great historical events, aspects of Latvian mythology, as well as grief and madness. Musically, Tumši ūdeņi is made in the best traditions of doom/death metal – seven songs of heavy, majestically sad and dark music.
Frailty has won several independent Latvian Metal Music awards and has been nominated twice for the Zelta Mikrofons (Latvian Grammy equivalent) award:
Frailty EP won the award for Best Metal Album 2009 (Independent Latvian Metal Music Awards);
Melpomene won the Best Metal Album award in 2011 (Independent Latvian Metal Music Awards) and received a nomination for Zelta Mikrofons for Best Rock/Metal Album of 2011;
Ways of the Dead won Best Metal Album 2017 (Independent Latvian Metal Music Awards) and received a nomination for Zelta Mikrofons as Best Rock/Metal Album of 2017.