Incognosci – “A Biography of Madness”

Genre: Death Metal
Format: Digital | CD
Country: Brazil

The entity known as INCOGNOSCI was unborn in 2008, from the ashes of the brutal band NECROPSE, when Marcos and Jonathas (Ex-REGORGE) got together to make insane and deranged sounds. They joined with Iron (GUTTED SOULS, PERISTALTIC MOVEMENT, Ex-ANOPSY) and Gabriel De Jong in 2013 to release a thematic EP about the mental anguish of a brainwashed soldier called “Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration” released by Genocidio records and MVCS Prods. Later on, we released a single in 2015, “Eleven Years” that told a new piece of the story of the brainwashed man. This single counted with the production of Diego Soria (BROKEN HOPE, DISGORGE USA), and at this moment the talented drummer Braulio Drumond (PAUL DIANNO, LEATHER LEONE, MJOKER & THE ROTTENS, Ex-UNEARTHLY) joined the band, replacing De Jong. This single was released by Genocidio Records, Digital Yourself, and Fall of Eden Records. Now, their irst full-length album “A Biography of Madness” recorded and mixed at AM studios by Fernando Campos, and mastered at Grindhouse Studios Athens by George Bokos (Ex-ROTTING CHRIST). This album was released by Extreme Sound Records in October 2020. With creative grooves, bass solos, unique riffs and brutal vocals, this album tells a story of madness, murder and brainwashing in 8 tracks of Death Metal with a strong old school vein.
1 – Aftermath
2 – Awaken the Desperate
3 – Perfect Specimen
4 – Traumatize the Masses
5 – Eleven Years
6 – Tales of Insanity
7 – Final Descent into Madness
8 – Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration

Iron – Vocals
Jonathas “Jon” Pereira – Guitar
Marcos Medeiros – Bass
Braulio Drumond – Drums

Instagram: @incognosci

NAR – “Blood Moon Omen”

Label: Self-Released
Format: DIGITAL | CD

NAR is a one-man black metal band from Malta. The concept ‘NAR’ was conceived in early 2013 by Dagor, the founder and creator of the project. NAR has always been about creating melodic, narrative, riff-driven black metal music. The name NAR, or ‘fire’ in Maltese, is somewhat representative of the band’s music—”Fire is one of the primordial elements, and as such, it can be ferocious, yet instigative at the same time. I want my music to be raw, I want my music to have the allure of a flame, leaving an impression when heard” – Dagor. “Blood Moon Omen” is NAR’s third and darkest album, drawing inspiration from the failures of mankind, dysfunctions in the fabric of society, mythology and the personal quest for good or evil. The album will be released on the 28th of November, 2020.

Red Skies Looming
Winds of Decimation
Path of No Return
Prova Tan-Nar
Rabid Earth
Under the Great Eye
Il-Ħakem ta’ Bufies
Into The End


Sorcier Des Glaces – “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang”

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Format: CD | DIGITAL
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada

“Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” is the 8th studio album by the band. They masters their cold primitive metal sound with freezing melodies, haunting atmosphere, that paints black and white landscapes from the ancient times. Album title means “A World of Ice and Blood”. Sorcier Des Glaces continue to express their strong hate against humanity, in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has regained its due over Men. “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” was recorded in the first half of 2020. Recorded, mixed & mastered at Hell Studio, Donnacona (Québec) by S. Robitaille. “The Warlock” is a cover song of the Greek band Necromantia. Music & Lyrics by Necromantia. Guest vocals on “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” and also piano played on “La Couronne des Mille Hivers part II” performed by Thierry Nadeau-Cossette. No keyboards were used on this recording.


Suidakra – “Lupine Essence”

Label: MDD Records
Format: DIGITAL | CD | LP
Genre: Celtic Metal

Germany’s Suidakra are set to reissue a remastered edition of their 23 years old debut album “Lupine Essence”, which was the starting point of an adventurous and unique career. Set to be released on November 20th via MDD, “Lupine Essence” will feature the original 8 tracks remastered by the band’s very own Arkadius “Akki” Antonik, plus 6 additional partly unreleased bonus tracks from different re-recordings. The booklet contains additional liner notes by Arkadius, who will give the fans some insight on the history of this album.

“Lupine Essence” will also be available for the first time on vinyl, featuring 7 original tracks from the album and two previously unreleased and re-recorded versions of “And A Mistrel…” and “Sheltering Dreams”. Since the original 1997 artwork is no longer available in its original format, a version of Jesus Lhysta/Rotted Artist, which is close to the original, was created especially for this re-release.

1. Banshee
2. Dragon Tribe
3. Heresy
4. Sheltering Dreams
5. Havoc
6. Warpipes Call Me
7. … and a minstrel left the mourning valley
8. Internal Epidemic
Bonus Material:
9. Banshee*
10. Heresy**
11. Sheltering Dreams (2020 version, unreleased)
12. Havoc*
13. Warpipes Call Me*
14. …and a minstrel left the mourning valley (2020 version, unreleased)

* re-recorded 2019, Echoes of Yore CD
** re-recorded 2007, Best Of CD

1. Banshee
2. Dragon Tribe
3. Heresy
4. Sheltering Dreams
5. Havoc
6. Warpipes Call Me
7. … And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley
8. Sheltering Dreams (re-recorded 2020 Version)
9. … And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley (re-recorded 2020 Version)

Arkadius Antonik – vocals (harsh), guitars
Marcel Schoenen – guitars, vocals (clean)
Christoph Zacharowski – bass
Stefan Möller – drums
Daniela Voigt – keyboards, female vocals
Tina Stabel – Female Vocals (2020)


Ende – “Mörnöyr”

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Format: DIGITAL | CD
Country: France

“Mörnöyr” is Ende’s fifth album and is named after a mystic place conceived by I.L. – the darkest place where you’ll find all forms of sorcery, possession and decease. With their lyrical universe being presented for the very first time in French, “Mörnöyr” is a tribute to the rulers of the old-school black metal Kingdom; a rebirth of possessed and haunted hymns!

1 – Vêpre macabre (2’21)
2 – Les nuits d’octobre (6’53)
3 – Sang d’effraie (7’08)
4 – Chasse-Vent (5’47)
5 – Jurant la peste (4’46)
6 – Landes obscures (1’42)
7 – Les conjurations de l’ardente (6’44)
8 – Mörnöyr (7’18)
9 – Copula Cum Daemone (5’22)

I.L: Guitars, bass, voices, cello & synth.
T.Njodr: Drums.

Guest : Wlad Drakksteim (from Vlad Tepes)
Frater Stéphane (from Rosa Crux, NKRT)

Recorded & mixed by I.L
Artwork, by I.L
Lyrics by I.L, except “Les conjurations de l’ardentes” by Wlad Drakksteim & I.L
Music by I.L, except “Copula Cum Daemone”, by Frater Stéphane & I.L


Auro – “Auro”

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Format: DIGITAL | CD
Country: Germany

Atmospheric Black Metal is the genre that probably comes closest to Auro’s music. A strong ’90s vibe is clearly present in the songs –induced by screeching old-school guitar compositions, skilful keyboard passages and an overall raw, yet differentiated production that delivers that specific feeling and energy. The thunderous, most time ragingly fast-paced drums, together with the blood-freezing vocals of both Dragg and Framan, provide a massive level of dynamics and sheer power within the eight songs presented here. Auro is a merging of the words Aura and Ouroboros. Ouroboros, the self-consumer, symbolizes a completely autarkic entity. It personifies the ultimate utopia to be achieved: The creation of a social and emotional micro cosmos without any interaction with the abominable outer world.  Aura is the tool which is purposely used as a hammer – destructively smashed in the grotesque face of society for deterrence. And yet at the same time to build the foundation of the very own existence – as part of the individual cosmos. This concept is mapped in illustrative lyrics on the album, extending from apocalyptic visions of firestorms, eradication, death and decay to astral journeys, leaving humanity behind and coming into touch with the omnipresent ancient scaled god. 

I. Dämmerung – Einlass des Äußersten 
II. Im Nebelland 
III. Ouroboros – Schuppengott 
IV. Brodelnde Wasser – Rufe und Zeichen 
V. Rammbock – Durchbruch zur Entmenschlichung 
VI. Vision – Das allsehende Auge 
VII. Von Flammentod und Wiederkehr 
VIII. Aura IX. Zwischen den Welten 
X. Unnahbar…

Framan (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics)
Dragg (Vocals, Lyrics)

Studio members:
Nefastus (Drums)
Henker (Keyboards)


Serrated – “Sifting Through the Remnants”

Label: Blood and Brutality Records

Line-up: Arant: Drums, Bass, and Vocals
Lawley: Guitar

Official Facebook:
Official Bandcamp:
Label Website: 

Formed in April of 1998. Entered the studio for the first time in the summer 1999 to record what would become the first half of the debut album “The Essence of Destruction”. Recording would continue for the album in the summer of 2000 and 2001. The first full-lenght was officially released internationally in November of 2011. The band has consistently been releasing material since then with the latest release being 2018’s “Mortal Coil” demo. This demo is made up from a rehearsal session. The first two tracks were completely new releases and the last track was “Anguish” which is featured on the first album. That release along with all others can be found on the band’s official bandcamp page. The band’s newest, yet to be released EP, “Sifting Through the Remnants” features three brand new tracks and two previously released singles newly mixed and mastered. The EP artwork was done by the artist named Adi Dechristianize.

Verglas Sanglant – “Tempête de Tourments”

Label: Self-Released
Format: DIGITAL | CD

This first EP from the French-Canadian Black Metal band Verglas Sanglant is a cold breeze from the north. Bringing both the coldness from the extreme Canadian weather and a breeze of fresh air of new influences in the black metal scene, the band delivers almost 30 minutes of atmospheric, haunting, blasting, freezing melodic black metal music. Hailing from Quebec, the province that gets more and more attention from black metal fans around the world for producing bands like Monarque, Délétère, Forteresse, Frozen Shadows, etc, this EP is much more complete and more atmospheric compared to the raw demo that was previously released. The haunting screams from a tortured soul are going to anguish you, with the production being more polished while keeping the harsh black metal sound that we all crave for. Fans of bands like Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone will find some influences here and there while discovering something new and different. 

Produced/Mixed/Master at Hell Studio (Québec).

Tempête de Tourments
Ère de Glaciation
Haine & Pestilence

Occultus – Vocal
Kludde – Guitar
KALM – Lead Guitar
Valgar – Bass
T – Drums


SDI – “Sign Of The Wicked”

Label: MDD records
Format: CD | DIGITAL

On October 30th, the German veterans from SDI will re-release their classic record “Sign Of The Wicked”, which was remastered to achieve a contemporary sound and features an exclusive booklet with partly unreleased photos from 1987. The record will also present four bonus tracks, recorded between 1991 and 1993, originally planned for an unreleased album. “Sign Of The Wicked” is the absolute cult album of the German speed metal wave for every metalhead of the late 80s. With the title-track “Sign Of The Wicked” and “Megamosh”, the band created two metal anthems that stood the test of time. 

Reinhard Kruse: Bass, vocals
Christoph Olbrich: Drums
Chris Friedl: Guitar

SARDONIC WITCHERY – “Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual”

Label: WAR MARCH RECORDS (USA) Digipack CD / NIFLHEL RECORDS (Canada) Vinyl 12′ / WARHEMIC PRODUCTIONS (USA) Cassette / WORSHIP TAPES (Germany) Cassette

Texas-based black metal one-man-band Sardonic Witchery returns with its third album, “Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual”. The band with roots in Portugal has been playing old school black/thrash metal since 2012.

KING DEMOGORGON – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music, Lyrics and Vocals

Special studio guests:
Miguel Santos – Studio Drums
Chris Menta – Studio guitar solos
Nebo Budor – Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual)

1- Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual)
2- O Circulo Das Bruxas Perversas
3- Die For Satan
4- Infernal Kingdom
5- Licantropia
6- Eterna Penumbra
7- Misantropia
8- Ancient Spirits

Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual was composed between April of 2019 and February of 2020 by King Demogorgon and recorded in 5 different studios between May and August of 2020.
The drums were recorded by Miguel Santos (Bellerophon) at HANUMAN STUDIO (PORTUGAL), Guitars and Bass were recorded by King Demogorgon at DARK THRONE STUDIOS (USA), the guitar solos were recorded by Chris Menta in his home studio (USA), the vocals were recorded by King Demogorgon at the IGNIS NOCTEM rehearsal studio (USA) and the intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual) were recorded by Nebo Budor at his home studio (USA).
The album were mixed and mastered by Bruno Silva at HANUMAN STUDIO (PORTUGAL)!
Front Art design by Leonard Selzler


Strydegor – “Isolacracy”

Label: MDD Records

Germany’s melodic death metallers Strydegor have chosen Friday the 13th as the release date of their new album, “Isolacracy”. Set to be released in November via MDD, “Isolacracy” features the most incisive and lasting 11 tracks the band has ever made.

Over the last 10 years, Strydegor have been delivering their unique sound of melodic death metal with acoustic hymn-like swirls, not forgetting the windy black metal to complete the atmosphere. Three albums later and several gigs in the European stages, these northerners return in full fury with a brand new sound-storm that goes by the name of “Isolacracy”. 

The album was produced by Oliver Carell/Blastbeat Productions and mastered by Lasse Lammert/LSD Studio Lübeck.

1. Beware the Beast Man
2. Innocence Corroded
3. Lucid
4. Stars and Strife
5. World in your Hands
6. Into the Unknown
7. Escape
8. Enemy:Inside
9. As April slowly fades
10. Oceans
11. Still Alive

Florian Kunde – Guitar, VocalsDaniel Hauschild – GuitarMartin Schmidt – Bass Guitar
Immanuel Promnitz – Drums


Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal – “Devoured in Decay”

Label: Self-Released
Country: United States

RECENTLY VACATED GRAVES: TRUE ZOMBIE METAL rises once again from the grave with their latest rigor mortis-laden, brain-devouring EP, Devoured in Decay. Simply described as “zombie metal,” RVG:TZM continues to evolve its amalgamation of doom, death, and black metal with lyrics inspired by classic zombie films, while maintaining all the hallmarks of its classic sound.

As with past releases, Devoured in Decay’s lyrics focus on zombie-centric tales from the undead’s point of view. For example, “Section 8” pays specific tribute to Bub from the seminal 1985 film Day of the Dead, and “Hhrrrdd” is a wordless tale describing the journey of a horde of the undead.

Devoured in Decay is the first RVG:TZM release to feature major songwriting contributions by vocalist Clinton Ebadi, performance by longtime live vocalist Nick Schneider, and the varied and impressive talents of bassist/producer/engineer Johnn Harbinger. Lead guitarist Andrew Glaros, previously heard on the 2012 release Consumed by Death, returns with solos on “You Die” and “Section 8.”

Self-recorded in undisclosed locations.
Mixed & mastered by Johnn Harbringer.
Produced by Tim Regan & Johnn Harbinger.

You Die
Section 8
Devoured in Decay

Tim Regan – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Programming
Johnn Harbringer – Lead Bass, Programming
Clinton Ebadi – Lead Vocals
Mike Wilson – Lead Guitar
Nick Schneider – Lead Vocals