BLACK CAPRICORN announce new release details of “Solstice” EP

On Friday, October 2nd, D.H.U. Records will start pre-orders for the limited vinyl edition of Black Capricorn’s new release, “Solstice”. The new EP by the Italian psychedelic doomsters is a concept record concerning the winter and the summer solstice, featuring a double cover artwork with double coloured vinyl. Side A, here renamed “Summer Side”, will contain 3 tracks with rock and heavy fuzz sound-oriented music, while Side B will be renamed “Winter Side” and present 3 tracks with a gloomy and doomy approach.

Black Capricorn are irresistible for fans of Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre.


Summer Side
1. Omen (march of the Arcadians)
2. Astrodestroyer
3. Sumerian summer

Winter Side
4. Three brides of Satan
5. Winterlude
6. Shadows in the moonlight


Ana Argan List signs with Ground Media Group; Full EP now streaming on Black Metal Promotion

Swedish post-black metal project Ana Argan List has inked a deal with Finland’s Ground Media Group for the release of its debut self-titled EP, which will be available in physical format on November 1st, 2020. The EP is also available for full streaming at Black Metal Promotion Youtube Channel:

Ana Argan List was formed in early 2020 as the solo project of Edvin Johansson (Orngòth). The band delivers emotional, atmospheric and aggressive music, combining powerful chants with melancholic and wistful melodies to create epic atmospheric soundscapes of the northern landscapes. Johansson comments: «The project wasn’t intentional. It started from the anxiety and depression. I try to stay away from mundane citylife when I want to create. I look for inspiration in nature, like forest walks. There I can self reflect and get inspired, especially if it’s raining. Ana Argan List is a swedish proverb, that translates roughly to ”Creeping suspicion”, which I thought was perfect for the feeling I’m trying to portray.»

Ground Media Group’s founder Samuli adds: «When I heard these tracks in the first place I was sold right away. The title track tells everything. It’s full of emotion! The distant raw vocals, huge chants and the atmosphere reminds me of the legendary Summoning but done totally on his own way. The tracks are epic and give you a shiver. ”Siarens Misstag” doesn’t have any vocals, but it paints you nordic landscapes and huge emotions. Just pure perfection and I’m really happy and proud that we have signed a contract with Ana Argan List!»

Pre-orders for “Ana Argan List” are available here:

The artwork was created by Sissela Lewitzki.

ACT OF CREATION publish new video for “Break New Ground”; New release details

German death metal unit Act Of Creation are back with “The Uncertain LIght”, the follow-up to their 2014 offering “Thion”, which is set to be released on October 16th via Black Sunset/MDD. 

This five-piece was previously known as E605, being among the veterans of the German death metal scene. They have now published a new video for the track “Break New Ground”, which you can watch below:

The drums for “The Uncertain Light” were recorded at the legendary Kohlekeller Studios, while the other parts were set up at Cursed Studios. Mix and mastering was done by Dennis Koehne (Sodom, Exhumer, Caliban, a.o.), while the impressive artwork was conceived by Timon Kokott.

You can preorder “The Uncertain Light” right here:

MDD Shop:


ISIULUSIONS publish new lyric video for “Seas Of Darkness”

Austrian black metallers ISIULUSIONS have published a new lyric video for the track “Seas Of Darkness”, which is taken off from the band’s debut album “I – Follow the Flow”, released earlier this month on MDD Records.

Watch the lyric video at this location:

Musically, “I – Follow the Flow” offers a broad spectrum which may have its origins in black metal, but also gives room to classic heavy metal elements and atmospheric sounds.


MDD Shop:

Leicester metalcore band Alignments release debut EP “Mute Orator”

Leicester based five-piece Alignments bring the community, togetherness and of course the riffs, chugging and heaviness of the metalcore with their debut EP “Mute Orator”, now available on all streaming platforms.

With members hailing from England, Romania and Cyprus, Alignments are a truly multicultural band of brothers, creating a melting pot of musical influences and manifesting themselves with a modern metalcore sound that will instantly have you pulling an appreciative “metal gurn face” upon hearing them.

You can watch the video for the first single ‘Equanimity’ at this location:

For fans of Periphery, Polaris and Architects.


Devourer releases first video from upcoming album

Swedish/Russian black/death metallers Devourer are currently working on their fourth full-length and have now released the first single from the upcoming album.
The video, which you can watch below, was produced by the band using clips from David MLLR’s “Zed Aliz Zed” (Lucifer Gnosis Mantra).
Watch the video for “When Death Inherits the Earth” at this location:
The band comments: «We started working on the new album last winter and now we are more than half-way to completing it. This time we’ve worked differently than on our earlier releases since our line-up doubled in 2019. From being only John Falk and Fredrik Håf we’ve now added Oksana Rage (Teodolit) on bass and Johan Vikholm (Sorcery) on guitar. Håf handles the vocals as usual and Falk the guitars, recording, mixing and mastering. Devourer is still an independent DIY band and evolves with every release. The new album will be our best by far, still remaining true to our signature sound but developing it further.»

Italy’s Isabel de Sade announce release details of new EP “Undivided from Desire”

Italian alternative metal four-piece Isabel de Sade have recently announced the release of their debut EP “Undivided from Desire”, which is set to be out on September 23rd, 2020. 

Describing themselves as «music to give food for thoughts, melancholic, to meditate and inspire about conflicts and love», the artwork shows a set of hands clasped between brambles, holding a Tuberosa flower, to enclose a distorted meaning between pleasure and suffering. 

Founded in 2016 by lead singer Marco and after some line-up changes, Isabel de Sade are now ready to show their music to the world.

For fans of Tool, Deftones, The Contortionist, Novembre, Alcest, Les Discrets, Klimt 1918…

SUICIDE OF SOCIETY release lyric video for “Planet Babylon”

German thrashers Suicide of Society have released a lyric video for the track “Planet Babylon” as a way to promote their upcoming debut album, “War Investment”, out on October 9th via MDD.

You can watch the lyric video at this location:

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of their live activity, “War Investment” may be seen as some sort of “Best Of” of their musical path so far, with the band delivering straightforward thrash metal of the old school, with audible roots from the German and American pioneers of this genre.

The album was recorded and produced last year at Anatoli Kalyuk’s Credge Audio Studios. The album is now available for preorder on MDD Shop.

PORN releases remixes album with Combichrist, Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nails

PORN releases remixes from the final act of Mr Strangler Trilogy, “No monsters in God’s eyes – Act III” Some of the greatest Industrial Rock bands paid tribute to Mr Strangler in the remixes album : Mr Strangler’s last words.

” It’s an honor for us to have these great bands involved: Combichrist, Stabbing Westward, Orgy, Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Chris Vrenna ( ex NIN and Marilyn Manson), The Anix, Ash Code, Lluther. I am a big fan of all these bands. The PORN‘s priest aka Aura Shred did a remix too. And with The One, we cooked a special remix with our side-project An erotic end of timesWe are PORN, you are PORN ! Mr Strangler is dead, long live his memory! ” Philippe Deschemin 

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Mr Strangler Trilogy is a 3 album concept about a fictional serial killer, Mr Strangler, and his crew.

The Ogre Inside – Act I :
The Ogre Inside is an album about inner struggle, about dark desires, and how society can oppress your will. This album is about Mr Strangler’s childhood. How he discovered his dark desires, tried to hide them and fight against them. This is a fight no one can win. This fight creates the feeling of being devoured on the inside, by an insatiable Ogre. The Ogre that devours you from the inside always wins. We have all experienced this kind of feeling. The album is an invocation, a way to set the Ogre free, embrace your ”true self” and allow your darkest desires to express themselves. It’s an incitement to act. The Ogre Inside won this inner struggle, giving birth to Mr Strangler.

The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II
In the second opus, Mr Strangler, by embracing his “true self “, expresses his dark impulses without limitations and has no boundaries. With his crew, Mr Strangler commits murders and massacres. He also invites everyone to make a step forward and act, invites you to express your darkest desires and join his death cult. For Mr Strangler and his team, the Ogre was released. They let the darkest of human desires be : murder.

No Monsters in God’s Eyes – Act III
In this final act, Mr Strangler’s bloody odyssey comes to an end. He is in jail awaiting execution. This final Act is his testament. Faced with the imminent end of his life, he takes stock of his life and begins a dialogue with his death and enjoins everyone to continue his work… the work of God, because if God exists everything is his. And even the worst monsters are the children of God. There are no monsters in God’s eyes.

Just after he died, Mr Strangler became a kind of messiah for an enigmatic community : The Stranglings , led by The Guide. Growing and growing, this community travels from town to town, joined by people fleeing the modern world for a new life.
The Story continues…

NUCLEAR WARFARE release video for “Death By Zuccini”

Thrashers Nuclear Warfare released their sixth studio album “Lobotomy” on August 28th, 2020. Now, the German collective have published a video for the track “Death By Zuccini”, a not-so-serious story where vegetables seem to be the main characters, therefore raising more questions than the answers you’ll find on this video. As these guys are celebrating 18 years of activity, it’s awesome to know that their sense of humour is still intact!

Despite the video, “Lobotomy” is nothing but serious business. The album contains 9 songs of the finest and solid Thrash Metal with a great old school vibe.

Watch the video at this location:

MDD Shop: (CD + Bundles)AMAZON:

New heavy metal band Cannibal releases debut album!

Playing 80s style heavy metal with catchy choruses and shredding leads, Cannibal are a new band from Jo Capitalicide, who have offered us new albums by Ice War and Expunged earlier this year, and who’s also behind Canadian speed metallers Aphrodite. 

The band’s debut album, “Fire Meets Steel”, which features the voice of Gretchen Steel, is available on cassette + digital at this location:

For fans of Tokyo Blade, Iron Maiden, Savage Grace…