EXARSIS: “Sentenced To Life” to be released on November 27th!

The upcoming fifth full-length from Greece’s thrash metal institution Exarsis is set to be released on November 27th via MDD. After two lineup changes and the return of founding member and guitarist Chris Tsitsis (Suicide Angels, a.o.), “Sentenced To Life” is probably the most melodic album in the band’s history so far, while featuring their trademark sound.

In the meantime, the band have released a lyric video for “Another Betrayal” a few days ago on their Youtube channel. Watch it at this location:

UTSIK: New grindcore band from Phlegeton (Wormed); EP release details

UTSIK is the new grindcore band from Phlegeton (Wormed). The debut EP entitled “El Camino del Miedo” is inspired by all those people who choose the way of fear in their day to day, emotional stagnation and paralysis before changes.The music is powerful grindcore rooted in early Napalm Death, Nasum with slight d-beat/crust vibe, similar to Discharge or Martyrdöd. The band’s debut EP contains 13 songs in just over 13 minutes, so you already know what to expect!

Stream “El Camino del Miedo” in full at this location: 

Everything you hear and see was written, recorded, mixed and designed by Phlegeton. Utsik means “empty” in old Basque. 

Recorded, produced and mastered at Negative Sphere between 2019-2020.
 For fans of Napalm Death, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Discharge, Martyrdöd, Nails, Tragedy, Brujería… 


LG Petrov’s GoFundme campaign: Sol de Sangre and Headcrusher cover Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues”

Members of Colombian bands Sol de Sangre and Headcrusher have teamed up for a cover of Entombed’s  “Wolverine Blues”.

Their take on the Death n’ Roll classic is available at  bandcamp for “whatever you want to pay” and all earnings will be donated to LG Petrov’s GoFundme campaign:
Sol de Sangre members say about the initiative,  “A few months ago we invited our brothers in Headcrusher to record a cover of Wolverine Blues from the almighty Entombed. After hearing the terrible news about LG Petrov’s  incurable cancer, we decided to put the cover up on bandcamp for “whatever you want to pay” and all earnings will be donated to LG Petrov’s GoFundme campaign. Give it a listen and make a donation for the most vicious of all.”

Wolverine Blues – An utterly fearless tribute to LG by this misanthropical breed!


Kike Valderrama: Vocals
Chalo Rpo: Drums
Jerónimo Álvarez: Guitar
Carlos Ramirez: Guitar
Gustavo Calderón: Bass

Mixed & Mastered at Estudio Retro By: Leo Sierra – Medellín, Colombia
Drums Recorded in Melbourne, Au
Guitars Recorded in L.A, CA using the Left Hand Wrath Deluxe – Lone Wolf FX Pedal 
Guitars Recorded in Medellín, Colombia using the Angry Swede Pedal by Decibelics
Bass Recorded in Austin, Texas

Artwork & Video By: Chalo Rpo

SKELETON PIT: Watch the new video for “Violent Raid”

With their sophomore album “Lust To Lynch” set to be released on October 23rd via MDD, German thrash metal collective Skeleton Pit have published a new video for “Violent Raid”, a little snack to whet the appetite! The video was shot during August and September in the Bar Noir under the direction of Grafikschmiede/Michael Heim. 

Watch it at this location:

“Lust To Lynch” was recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by Marcel Kühn at Clydefrog Studio. From now on, the album (CD and Vinyl) is also available for pre-order and bundle promotions on the band and label websites.

MDD Shop: (CD + Vinyl + Bundles)
AMAZON: (Vinyl)

STRYDEGOR to release “Isolacracy” on November 13

Germany’s melodic death metallers Strydegor have chosen Friday the 13th as the release date of their new album, “Isolacracy”. Set to be released in November via MDD, “Isolacracy” features the most incisive and lasting 11 tracks the band has ever made.

The album was produced by Oliver Carell/Blastbeat Productions and mastered by Lasse Lammert/LSD Studio Lübeck.


Isabel de Sade: “Undivided from Desire” EP out now!

Italy’s Isabel de Sade debut EP “Undivided from Desire” is out now! Recorded at  Livio Boccioni’s The Convent Recording Studio, Isabel de Sade is described by themselves as «music to give food for thoughts, melancholic, to meditate and inspire about conflicts and love». Founded in 2016 by lead singer Marco and after some line-up changes, Isabel de Sade are now ready to show their music to the world. 

“Undivided from Desire” is available on Bandcamp, at this location:

For fans of Tool, Deftones, The Contortionist, Novembre, Alcest, Les Discrets, Klimt 1918…

DORMANTH 1st single, cover art and tracklist revealed!

Legendary Spanish melodic death metallers DORMANTH have just revealed details of their upcoming 4th album, “Complete Downfall”, which will be released on December 15th, 2020 via Xtreem Music on CD.

DORMANTH were born in 1993 as one of the first melodic Death Metal bands in Spain, releasing their 1st demo “Sadness” in 1994 and their debut album “Valley of Dreams” in 1995, to later be dissolved for 20 years. The band eventually reunited in 2015 when they released a 2-track EP, followed by the sophomore album “Winter Comes” (2016), “IX Sins” (2018) and their latest mini-CD “Abyss” (2019). DORMANTH share two members with IN THOUSAND LAKES (vocalist and drummer).

“Complete Downfall” features 11 songs where the double bass drums, melodies and catchy choruses prevail in many of the songs along with other mid-tempo tunes, continuing with their traditional style of melodic Death Metal influenced by bands like PARADISE LOST, AMORPHIS, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES and INSOMNIUM.

Tracklist for “Complete Downfall” as follows:
01. Dreamcatcher
02. Fire
03. Tragicomic Day
04. Beyond the Gates
05. Odyssey in Time
06. The Origin
07. Dark Times For the God’s Creation
08. -273º K
09. Brainstorm
10. Crystal Bone
11. Bloody Scars

BLACK CAPRICORN announce new release details of “Solstice” EP

On Friday, October 2nd, D.H.U. Records will start pre-orders for the limited vinyl edition of Black Capricorn’s new release, “Solstice”. The new EP by the Italian psychedelic doomsters is a concept record concerning the winter and the summer solstice, featuring a double cover artwork with double coloured vinyl. Side A, here renamed “Summer Side”, will contain 3 tracks with rock and heavy fuzz sound-oriented music, while Side B will be renamed “Winter Side” and present 3 tracks with a gloomy and doomy approach.

Black Capricorn are irresistible for fans of Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre.


Summer Side
1. Omen (march of the Arcadians)
2. Astrodestroyer
3. Sumerian summer

Winter Side
4. Three brides of Satan
5. Winterlude
6. Shadows in the moonlight


Ana Argan List signs with Ground Media Group; Full EP now streaming on Black Metal Promotion

Swedish post-black metal project Ana Argan List has inked a deal with Finland’s Ground Media Group for the release of its debut self-titled EP, which will be available in physical format on November 1st, 2020. The EP is also available for full streaming at Black Metal Promotion Youtube Channel:

Ana Argan List was formed in early 2020 as the solo project of Edvin Johansson (Orngòth). The band delivers emotional, atmospheric and aggressive music, combining powerful chants with melancholic and wistful melodies to create epic atmospheric soundscapes of the northern landscapes. Johansson comments: «The project wasn’t intentional. It started from the anxiety and depression. I try to stay away from mundane citylife when I want to create. I look for inspiration in nature, like forest walks. There I can self reflect and get inspired, especially if it’s raining. Ana Argan List is a swedish proverb, that translates roughly to ”Creeping suspicion”, which I thought was perfect for the feeling I’m trying to portray.»

Ground Media Group’s founder Samuli adds: «When I heard these tracks in the first place I was sold right away. The title track tells everything. It’s full of emotion! The distant raw vocals, huge chants and the atmosphere reminds me of the legendary Summoning but done totally on his own way. The tracks are epic and give you a shiver. ”Siarens Misstag” doesn’t have any vocals, but it paints you nordic landscapes and huge emotions. Just pure perfection and I’m really happy and proud that we have signed a contract with Ana Argan List!»

Pre-orders for “Ana Argan List” are available here:

The artwork was created by Sissela Lewitzki.