Ende – “Mörnöyr”

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Format: DIGITAL | CD
Country: France

“Mörnöyr” is Ende’s fifth album and is named after a mystic place conceived by I.L. – the darkest place where you’ll find all forms of sorcery, possession and decease. With their lyrical universe being presented for the very first time in French, “Mörnöyr” is a tribute to the rulers of the old-school black metal Kingdom; a rebirth of possessed and haunted hymns!

1 – Vêpre macabre (2’21)
2 – Les nuits d’octobre (6’53)
3 – Sang d’effraie (7’08)
4 – Chasse-Vent (5’47)
5 – Jurant la peste (4’46)
6 – Landes obscures (1’42)
7 – Les conjurations de l’ardente (6’44)
8 – Mörnöyr (7’18)
9 – Copula Cum Daemone (5’22)

I.L: Guitars, bass, voices, cello & synth.
T.Njodr: Drums.

Guest : Wlad Drakksteim (from Vlad Tepes)
Frater Stéphane (from Rosa Crux, NKRT)

Recorded & mixed by I.L
Artwork, by I.L
Lyrics by I.L, except “Les conjurations de l’ardentes” by Wlad Drakksteim & I.L
Music by I.L, except “Copula Cum Daemone”, by Frater Stéphane & I.L