Exarsis – “Sentenced To Life”

Label: MDD Records
Format: CD

Ten years after their first demo, Hellenic thrashers Exarsis are preparing to release their fifth full-length album, once again rising the flag of old school thrash metal.After a change in the line-up on the drums and the return of founding member and guitarist Chris Tsitsis (Suicide Angels a.o.), “Sentenced To Life” is probably the most melodic album of their discography to date, which nevertheless contains the typical Exarsis feeling, also because they keep pushing the gas pedal pretty hard. As a surprise, there are guest appearances of Pyros Lafias (Chronosphere) and Lefteris Xatzhandreou (Bio-Cancer) in the song “…Against My Fears”, which is about overcoming depression and the fight against the inner demons.  Like the two previous releases, the album was produced by Mike Karpathiou in D-Studio. Artwork by Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Xentrix, Gloryhammer).

1. Cen$ored
2. Another Betrayal
3. The Truth is No Defence
4. Aiming the Eye
5. Mouthtied
6. The Drug…
7. Against My Fears
8. One Last Word
9. Interplanetary Extermination
10. New War Order

Vocals: Nick Tragakis
Bass: Chris Poulos
Guitar: Chris Tsitsis
Guitar: Tony Lambrakis
Drums: Panos Meletis