F29, groove/doom metal from Atomic Zombie Records!

F29 is the new groove/doom metal album from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Derek Neibarger (Godless Angel, Morbid Zombie). Released through Atomic Zombie Records, F29 features eight crushing metal tracks over forty-two minutes, written and recorded over the summer of 2020. Lyrically, F29 is an exploration of the anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness that has crept into the consciousness of so many of us during this tumultuous year. Derek takes a deep dive into his own depression, putting music and words to the darkness that seemingly consumed his every waking moment over the past twelve months.

Neilbarger comments: «F29 is one of my most intensely personal creations, as well as some of the best songs I’ve ever written. I couldn’t be more proud of this music.»

Listen to F29 at this location: https://atomiczombierecords.bandcamp.com/album/f29