Incognosci – “A Biography of Madness”

Genre: Death Metal
Format: Digital | CD
Country: Brazil

The entity known as INCOGNOSCI was unborn in 2008, from the ashes of the brutal band NECROPSE, when Marcos and Jonathas (Ex-REGORGE) got together to make insane and deranged sounds. They joined with Iron (GUTTED SOULS, PERISTALTIC MOVEMENT, Ex-ANOPSY) and Gabriel De Jong in 2013 to release a thematic EP about the mental anguish of a brainwashed soldier called “Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration” released by Genocidio records and MVCS Prods. Later on, we released a single in 2015, “Eleven Years” that told a new piece of the story of the brainwashed man. This single counted with the production of Diego Soria (BROKEN HOPE, DISGORGE USA), and at this moment the talented drummer Braulio Drumond (PAUL DIANNO, LEATHER LEONE, MJOKER & THE ROTTENS, Ex-UNEARTHLY) joined the band, replacing De Jong. This single was released by Genocidio Records, Digital Yourself, and Fall of Eden Records. Now, their irst full-length album “A Biography of Madness” recorded and mixed at AM studios by Fernando Campos, and mastered at Grindhouse Studios Athens by George Bokos (Ex-ROTTING CHRIST). This album was released by Extreme Sound Records in October 2020. With creative grooves, bass solos, unique riffs and brutal vocals, this album tells a story of madness, murder and brainwashing in 8 tracks of Death Metal with a strong old school vein.
1 – Aftermath
2 – Awaken the Desperate
3 – Perfect Specimen
4 – Traumatize the Masses
5 – Eleven Years
6 – Tales of Insanity
7 – Final Descent into Madness
8 – Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration

Iron – Vocals
Jonathas “Jon” Pereira – Guitar
Marcos Medeiros – Bass
Braulio Drumond – Drums

Instagram: @incognosci