Jørg Klein – “Torn”

Jørg Klein is well known for the different styles of music he works with. Over the years he has released two successful blues-rock albums “We call it Blues” and “Angry Road”, the classic rock album “Love!”, the EP “Slide Fusion” and the conceptual power metal record “Aeternom – Fight for the Kingdom”. Now, the musician gets back to do what he knows best, delivering the instrumental album “TORN”, which he recorded and produced himself.


  1. Andante Vivace
  2. Welcome
  3. Andante Lugubre
  4. D.N.A.
  5. Rondo
  6. Hail! to the Glory
  7. LeeLa
  8. Overture
  9. Eo
  10. Finale
  11. Six Tears