NAR – “Blood Moon Omen”

Label: Self-Released
Format: DIGITAL | CD

NAR is a one-man black metal band from Malta. The concept ‘NAR’ was conceived in early 2013 by Dagor, the founder and creator of the project. NAR has always been about creating melodic, narrative, riff-driven black metal music. The name NAR, or ‘fire’ in Maltese, is somewhat representative of the band’s music—”Fire is one of the primordial elements, and as such, it can be ferocious, yet instigative at the same time. I want my music to be raw, I want my music to have the allure of a flame, leaving an impression when heard” – Dagor. “Blood Moon Omen” is NAR’s third and darkest album, drawing inspiration from the failures of mankind, dysfunctions in the fabric of society, mythology and the personal quest for good or evil. The album will be released on the 28th of November, 2020.

Red Skies Looming
Winds of Decimation
Path of No Return
Prova Tan-Nar
Rabid Earth
Under the Great Eye
Il-Ħakem ta’ Bufies
Into The End