Spain’s Nebular Carcoma announces two new releases in collaboration with Afgrundsvisioner (Denmark), responsible for providing amazing quality acts such as Grudom, Múspellzheimr among many others. Below you will find more information about these upcoming releases:
After the release of the debut album, “Forsortnet”, via Darker Than Black Records (2018),  Nebular Carcoma presents the recording of a rehearsal consisting of 4 tracks and over 40 minutes of running time. Here you’ll find obscure and raw Black Metal, which shows the most primitive facet of the band.
HEDENGANG “Rehearsal” 
This is the first demostration where the listener is submerged in a state of total hypnosis that evolves your senses and will haunt you down during the almost 20 minutes of running time of this experience.
Both releases will be out in early November through Nebular Carcoma on professional cassettes and limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.