ANGRIFF – “Sodomy in the Convent”

“Sodomy in the Convent” is Angriff’s first release in over a decade and features 10 brand new tracks with the vibe of the good old school thrash metal scene. After a long break, these portuguese thrash metallers are back with their fifth sonic assault to be released on January 25th via Firecum Records.

“Sodomy in the Convent” is the most ferocious and hostile album from ANGRIFF’s catalogue, a manifest against religious fanaticism.

The album features a guest guitar solo by the hands of Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.).

For fans of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Exodus, Metallica, Heathen.

José Rocha – Guitar, bass, drums
OJ Laranjo – vocals

1. The Bishop
2. No Saviours No Gods
3. Asmodeus
4. Acolytes of Hardship
5. Sodomy in the Convent
6. Profane
7. Savage Deeds (The quest of Ladislav Hojer)
8. The Baron of Doom
9. T. A. C.
10. Farewell