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Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) release new single “Pretending To Live”

Italian modern deathcore trio Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) are pleased to announce the release of their new single “Pretending To Live” featuring the bassist of the mexican band Blinded By Hate Uriel Olvera.

Listen “Pretending To Live” at these locations:

For this release, they did a special anime music video which underlines the imagery and visual style adopted by the band.

The lyrics is about reflections on the unconscious, dreams, desires and fears.

Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) are:
Eddy Scissorshand (Edoardo Merlino) : Vocals & Guitars
Louis Littlebrain (Luigi Cervellini) : Guitars
Bratt Spacedog (Matteo Spacagna) : Keys The band comments:“This is a huge step for the band, this song is an approach to new sounds and style of composition. We never experienced to arrange and compose a song like this. We tried to underline through the lyrics we wrote the theme of the errors”. – Louis

“For this new release we decided to release an AMV, both to emphasize our editorial line close to the world of anime and manga but also because we wanted to be as original as possible, in a period where (due to restrictions) we cannot realize an official videoclip” – Eddy

For fans of: Within Destruction, Alpha Wolf, Slaughter To Prevail, Suicide Silence, Defamed, Drowning In Sulphur…


TOXIC YOUTH release new album after 24 years!

“BACK TO YOU-TH” features 12 tracks of Hardcore Punk Thrash with TOXIC SOUND!

Italian band TOXIC YOUTH is back with a new kick ass album ‘BACK TO YOU-TH’. Pulls no punches and proves beyond any doubt that the band haven’t lost their knack for aggressive, breakneck riffs and relentless punk anthemics, with a Toxic Twist. 

Limited to 300 units, hand numerated digipack ,18 booklet pages. Out via WTFRecords & Distro.

For fans of Hardcore Punk, Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI…


Disout announce debut album “MIEN” release details. New single premiere!

Poland’s Disout have announced the release details of their upcoming album “MIEN”, set to be released on February 8th, 2021. “MIEN” features 9 tracks with heavy riffs, powerful drums, atmospheric guitars and unique vocals from singer Darek.  Today, Disout are premiering their brand new single “Blindness”.

Watch Disout’s “Blindness” visualizer at this location:

The band comments:“This album is unique for us and contains 100% of our emotions. After a long relationship with each other we decided to collect some of the songs we have written over the years and make “MIEN” something unique.”   

Disout deliver a tribute to rock, featuring solid riffs which goes hand in hand with the modern sound of metal.

AEONBLACK: New album in February

South german heavy/power metallers Aeonblack are set to release their second full-length “The Time Will Come” on February 26, 2021.

“The Time Will Come” features 11 tracks of  traditional heavy metal with powerful, raw and sophisticated arrangements.

Recorded in the Cube Studio in Lörrach, Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Magnum);
Mixed & mastered by Humble Studio in Karlsruhe (Sinner, Khymera, Primal Fear, a.o.)

More info soon!

A Day in Venice release new video for “Vintage Variation”

After the release of two singles “TWIOYS” and “Ophidian Queen”, taken from A Day in Venice’s forthcoming full-lenght album, italian alternative metal outfit, aka Andrej Kralj, have released a new video for the song “Vintage Variation”, taken from their latest EP released last year.

“Vintage Variation” features heavy guitars and the delicate vocals of Jyi, and is about embracing new ways, different mindsets and finding the strenght to carry on.

“How can one adapt and confront with changes, distress and trauma in life without wearing the burden of memory?”

Andrej Kralj, the man behind A Day in Venice, is currently working on two new albums. His fourth full-lenght, written, arranged, performed and produced by himself, with the participation of Angelos Kyprianos on vocals, will feature new songs arranged with acoustic healing instruments, unusual sounds and instrumentation. There have been above 30 different acoustic instruments employed so far.

A fifth album will likely follow and take the musical direction of  the song “Vintage Variation”.

Both albums will be released between 2021 and 2022.

For fans of Anathema, Mogwai, Radiohead, Sigur Ros…


Blood Of Us – “Here Comes The Fall”

Blood of Us is a Doom/Gothic outfit from Spain. 

“Here Comes The Fall” is their first album and was released last year via JM RECORDS.
This release guide us into a sad story and features 8 phases/songs of depressed, haunted, dark and a call for help.

JM: vocals, synths + drums + keyboards programming
F. Antonelli: drums programming, bass, keyboards & piano
C. Damiano: all guitars

produced, mixed & mastered by Francesco Antonelli
all songs by JM except 4 and 8 by JM & Alfredo
all lyrics by JM


Warside – “The Enemy Inside”

“The Enemy Inside” features 6 raw tracks and with no concessions, result of the reunion of musicians from the extreme metal scene of Lyon (France). This album is an expression of the violence, frustration and hatred accumulated within our contemporary society. The lyrics are inspired by some films like “Falling Down”, “Plattoon”, “Rampage” and science fiction literature.

For fans of Aborted, Misery Index, Vomitory, Rotten Sound, Mumakill…

Vincent : Lead Guitar
Jerome : Guitar
Nathan : Drums
Thomas : Vocals
Florent : Bass

Chapter II
Fahrenheit 451
Heroes shed no tears
History of violence
Feeding the crows

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at ConvulSound production by Thibault Bernard: Lyon – France  –


ANGRIFF – “Sodomy in the Convent”

“Sodomy in the Convent” is Angriff’s first release in over a decade and features 10 brand new tracks with the vibe of the good old school thrash metal scene. After a long break, these portuguese thrash metallers are back with their fifth sonic assault to be released on January 25th via Firecum Records.

“Sodomy in the Convent” is the most ferocious and hostile album from ANGRIFF’s catalogue, a manifest against religious fanaticism.

The album features a guest guitar solo by the hands of Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.).

For fans of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Exodus, Metallica, Heathen.

José Rocha – Guitar, bass, drums
OJ Laranjo – vocals

1. The Bishop
2. No Saviours No Gods
3. Asmodeus
4. Acolytes of Hardship
5. Sodomy in the Convent
6. Profane
7. Savage Deeds (The quest of Ladislav Hojer)
8. The Baron of Doom
9. T. A. C.
10. Farewell


SAPROBIONTIC: “Apocalyptic Retribution” will be released next month via Black Sunset!

Death metallers Saprobiontic signed with Black Sunset for their upcoming album “Apocalyptic Retribution” and will be released on February 19th.

Formed with ex-Purgatory and ex-Profanation members, Saprobiontic dedicated itself entirely to extreme death metal sound and enraptures the listener with blast beats attacks, a hard-hitting guitar sound and a lot of groove to an aggressive mixture, which is influenced by the forerunners of the Florida death metal scene.

“Apocalyptic Retribution” was mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by mastermind Jörg Uken and features 10 songs. More info coming soon!


MY FUNERAL released cover of Motörhead’s classic ”OVERKILL”

Helsinki based crossover thrash band My Funeral released their own version of Motörhead’s iconic song ”Overkill”, dedicated to the memory of LEMMY KILMISTER. The track was produced by Ville Holmström at Studio Muuntamo.

You can listen at this location:

”We decided to record our own version with My Funeral’s twist in memory of Lemmy and Motörhead. Most of the song was recorded live in an attempt to achieve a dangerous rock’n’roll overall feel. This is our hommage. We hope that our version will reach the ears of Eddie, Philthy and Lemmy, wherever they may be. LIVE FAST AND DIE OLD!”

My Funeral is currently working on their next full-length album.