Blood Of Us – “Here Comes The Fall”

Blood of Us is a Doom/Gothic outfit from Spain. 

“Here Comes The Fall” is their first album and was released last year via JM RECORDS.
This release guide us into a sad story and features 8 phases/songs of depressed, haunted, dark and a call for help.

JM: vocals, synths + drums + keyboards programming
F. Antonelli: drums programming, bass, keyboards & piano
C. Damiano: all guitars

produced, mixed & mastered by Francesco Antonelli
all songs by JM except 4 and 8 by JM & Alfredo
all lyrics by JM


Warside – “The Enemy Inside”

“The Enemy Inside” features 6 raw tracks and with no concessions, result of the reunion of musicians from the extreme metal scene of Lyon (France). This album is an expression of the violence, frustration and hatred accumulated within our contemporary society. The lyrics are inspired by some films like “Falling Down”, “Plattoon”, “Rampage” and science fiction literature.

For fans of Aborted, Misery Index, Vomitory, Rotten Sound, Mumakill…

Vincent : Lead Guitar
Jerome : Guitar
Nathan : Drums
Thomas : Vocals
Florent : Bass

Chapter II
Fahrenheit 451
Heroes shed no tears
History of violence
Feeding the crows

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at ConvulSound production by Thibault Bernard: Lyon – France  –


ANGRIFF – “Sodomy in the Convent”

“Sodomy in the Convent” is Angriff’s first release in over a decade and features 10 brand new tracks with the vibe of the good old school thrash metal scene. After a long break, these portuguese thrash metallers are back with their fifth sonic assault to be released on January 25th via Firecum Records.

“Sodomy in the Convent” is the most ferocious and hostile album from ANGRIFF’s catalogue, a manifest against religious fanaticism.

The album features a guest guitar solo by the hands of Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.).

For fans of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Exodus, Metallica, Heathen.

José Rocha – Guitar, bass, drums
OJ Laranjo – vocals

1. The Bishop
2. No Saviours No Gods
3. Asmodeus
4. Acolytes of Hardship
5. Sodomy in the Convent
6. Profane
7. Savage Deeds (The quest of Ladislav Hojer)
8. The Baron of Doom
9. T. A. C.
10. Farewell


Los Males Del Mundo – “Descent Towards Death”

Label: Northern Silence Productions
Format: CD | DIGITAL
Country: Argentina

Los Males Del Mundo combines today’s modern Black Metal sound and late 90’s melodic Black Metal with lyrics deeply influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, Emil Cioran and A. Schopenhauer.

The band was first created in 2016 as a project between Dany Tee (Acathexis, Downfall of Nur) and Cristian Yans. Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) later joined as a producer and guest musician.

In October 2020 a promotional self-titled EP with two tracks was released through Bandcamp.

Their first full length album, “Descent Towards Death,” containing 5 tracks of 40 minutes length, is an invitation to a conceptual journey, dragging the listener into the darkest and remotest places of the human soul. It reflects an internal battle, expressed as changes between aggressive and furious passages on the one hand, and dense and introspective landscapes full of melancholic melodies on the other.

1. Falling Into Nothing (12:12)
2. The Silent Agony (8:28)
3. Eternal Circle Of Vain Efforts (5:16)
4. Nothing But A Lie (4:56)
5. The Heavy Burden (10:00)

Guitars : Cristian Yans
Vocals, Lyrics, Drums : Dany Tee (Downfall of Nur, Acathexis)
Bass (Guest musician) : Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit)

Produced, mixed, and mastered in Würzburg, Germany by Nikita Kamprad.
Artwork by Matt Lombard.


Hån – “Breathing the Void”

Label: Northern Silence Productions
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Hån (Norwegian for “scorn”) from Switzerland play mostly fast-paced, traditional Black Metal with a melodic edge, reminiscent of the classic Finnish style.

The band was founded in 2009 and has ever since been active, on-stage – supporting numerous big Black Metal acts all across Europe – and off, even though “Breathing the Void” is only their second album after the well-acclaimed 2016 debut “Facilis Descensus Averni”.

The new album continues where the debut left off – with raw, yet melodic and sometimes atmospheric blasphemy that is recommended for fans of bands like Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Baptism or Drowning the Light.

The CD comes as Collector’s Edition in Digipack with 4-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

Gnist – Vocals
Lodur – Guitar
Kryptos – Guitar (Tardigrada)
Jehoruan – Bass (Suamanucaedere, Guignol Noir)
Grevling – Drums (Guignol Noir)

1. Intro (1:46)
2. Breathing The Void (4:53)
3. Olethrus (5:57)
4. Enter An Eternal World (4:06)
5. Goatman (5:04)
6. Asterion (5:20)
7. Dissent (5:42)
8. Lost Souls (5:25)
9. Salvation (7:38)

Recording by Hån; editing, mixing & mastering by Liquid Aether Audio; Artwork by Misanthropic Arts


Torn Fabriks – “Mind Consumption”

Torn Fabriks is a new Thrash Metal project from Portugal formed by Jorge Matos (Sindicato da Terra), Ricardo Santos (Morbid Death) and Paulo Soares (Rageful).
Their new album “Mind Consumption” will be released on January 11th via Firecum Records.

“Mind Consumption” features six old school thrash metal songs with an interventionist nature and a strong message about capitalism and 

Jorge Matos – guitar
Ricardo Santos – Bass and Voice
Paulo Soares – drums


HO CHI MINH – “This Is Hell”

Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | DIGITAL

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and the celebration of their 20th anniversary, portuguese metallers HO CHI MINH are back with a new album, “This Is Hell”, set to be released on January 30th.

João Ramos – Vocals/Progs
António Aresta – Guitar
João Rosa – Guitar
Pedro Reis – Bass
Arlindo Cardoso – Drums

Break It
I Guess You Know
Let Them Suffer
Stay Away
Staring At You
Deep But Close
This Is Hell
Let It All Burn

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Tiago Canadas  Poison Apple Studios     
Master by Jeff Dunne
Produced by Vasco Ramos


Unfleshed – “Twisted Path To Mutilation”

After two decades of existence, portuguese death metallers Unleash released their debut full-length “Twisted Path To Mutilation” via Larvae Records.

Their new album features twelve songs over a fleeting hour injected with impious inexorable old school death metal, that will surely satisfy the most avid devotees of Suffocation, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister…and Savage Death Metal! Also includes as bonus, their acclaimed “Exhuming The Bastards” (EP 2000), remastered for this release. 

César C. – Bass and Vocals
David P. – Guitars
José S. – Guitars
Hugo A. – Drums Tracklist:01. Cadaveric Intercourse02. Cannibalistic Homicide03. Lingering Sore04. Covered In Shit Drowned In Piss05. Shotgun Fellatio06. March To The Slaugther07. Everlasting Insanity08. Divine Molestation09. Ripped From The Inside *10. Stabbed Full Of Mayhem *11. Inherently Dead *12. Plagued By Inveracity ** Bonus Tracks – EP “Exhuming The Bastards” (2000) 



Betrayed – “The Unbeliever”

Label: ThrashBack Records
Format: DIGITAL | CD
Genre: Thrash Metal

BETRAYED was formed in late 1987 in Valparaiso, Chile (the Countries second largest city, and once called “the little San Francisco” in the mid – 19th Century) by drummer Claudio Tapia.

In 1989, BETRAYED would record their first demo, titled “Our Option”, which quickly garnered attention in zines around the globe and became a favorite among demo collectors and tape traders.

In 1990 the band would re-enter the studio and record their debut album, “1879: Tales Of War”, for Oso Records which was produced by Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram, Fallout, Criminal, United Forces). Though BETRAYED garnered strong reviews and played many prominent shows, they would eventually disband in 1994.

In 2004 Claudio Tapia would begin to reform BETRAYED, but it wasn’t until 2015-2016 that all the pieces fell fully into place and the present line-up was fully formed.

With the line-up of drummer Claudio Tapia, vocalist Erik Flores (Pyroclastic), guitarists JL Olmos (Soulrot) and Mauricio Castro (Sadistic Murder), and bassist Jacob Wilschrey (Soulrot), the band would unleash their first new music in over two decades with the single “Looters Will Be Shot”.

In 2017 BETRAYED would begin recording more new material which would be realized as “The Unbeliever”. These recordings would catch the attention of the Chile based label Arataria Records who would release the recordings in that region.

The sound of BETRAYED is Thrash Metal played the way it was meant to be, catchy & razor sharp. Stylistically, we would describe them as Bay Area Thrash (Testament, Exodus, Heathen, Forbidden) cross pollinated with a pinch of East Coast snarl.

“The Unbeliever” features 12 crushing tracks in two parts: “THE UNBELIEVER” and “BACK TO TALES OF WAR”, with the latter being “live in the studio” re-recordings of songs from their past: 1989 “Our Option” demo, and the 1990 album release “1879: Tales Of War”, all performed with their present line-up.

FOR FANS OF: Testament, Exodus, Forbidden, Overkill, Heathen

The Unbeliever
Panic Attack
Looters Will Be Shot
Constitution (Of The Oppressors)
Our Option
Fight For Your Land
The First Desillusion
The Message
Human Madness
The Real Me

Erik Flores – Vocals
J.L. Olmos – Guitars
Mauricio Castro – Guitars
Jacob Wilschrey – Bass
Claudio Tapia – Drums


Project Alcazar – “Lost in Centralia”

Label: Guitar One Records
Progressive instrumental metal/rock from US
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Project Alcazar have released their new album “Lost in Centralia” back in September. This new release is very intricate and precise songs with soaring guitar an keyboard solos in the style of Dream Theater, Kansas, Tony Macalpine and Joe Satriani.

Lost in Centralia
Occams Razor
The Panic Hand
Stranger Ave
55 Ludivico 
Beneath A Scarlet Sky
Looking Glass
Water Music

Chris Steberl – Guitars n Bass
Caleb Hutslar – Keyboards
Mark Zonder – Drums

Sonic Lounge studios Columbus Ohio Joe Viers engineer 


Terminarch – “Anthropocene”

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

English black metallers Terminarch have released their debut album “Anthropocene” back in May, with the humanity’s struggle to survive being the main focus of A.Magnox’s conceptual vision.

Transforming to Nowhere
An Influx of Tolerance
With Stagnation Comes Violence
Beware the Absent Specter
To Fall Once Again



Panssarituho – “Demo II”

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

Finnish death metallers Panssarituho are back with their second self-produced demo, a straight-forward death metal attack for true headbangers. Influenced by war and human violence, “Demo II” presents a suitable concept for this visceral genre where political or ideological views must wait outside. If you like the old-school sound, then this is for you!

Totalitääristä Sotaa

Extermus – guitars & vocals
Invicto – bass
Macellarius – drums

Recorded in Stonehillsanitarium studios