Triumph – “Edict of iron ascendancy”

Label: Inhuman assault productions

“Triumph was founded by Immolater in the Fall of 2019 & resides in Reno,NV United States. I chose the band name because it was the most fitting name musically & lyrically. After being involved in many different projects over the previous decade, it became clear to me that going solo was the right direction to go. I felt a strong impulse for total creative control of the music. Although working with different band members was very beneficial to me as far as sharpening my playing and getting experience on stage and in the studio goes, I found the absolute freedom of solo writing to be extremely rewarding. I had taken all the knowledge of recording, equipment, playing techniques, & philosophies attained over the previous 10 years & poured it into this new entity. Having a one man band has been a dream of mine ever since I first started listening to black/death metal. I have a lot of respect for musicians who do everything themselves, there is great honor in that to me. Since I felt my drumming was in the peak of my career, I knew now was the time to attack. Another benefit of going solo is not having to worry about band members quitting on you which was always an issue in the past. Since I don’t have this issue with Triumph I plan on keeping it active for a very long time. A second full length album is currently in the works. There are more distractions nowadays then ever before, especially since we are now in the age of artificial intelligence. My only goal as a band is to rise above these outside distractions and weaknesses & be a true force of nature. Something so invincible that no one can deny its power. Triumph is the total extermination of modernity… The catharsis of enslavement… The rejection of weakness… & The absolute annihilation of falsehood. Loyalty to self eternally above all others…”

1.Abolishment Rites 
2.Filth Immolation 
3.Imperious Might 
4.Survial Oath 
5.Iron Ascendancy 
6.Scorn Subjugation 
7.Armored Intransigence 
8.Genocide Command 

Immolater – All instruments/Vocals


Siren – “Back from the Dead”

Siren is a band that was established in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA in 1981. After releasing a series of well-received demos in the early 80’s, the band eventually landed a contract with a German label and released it’s first album in 1986. A second album, on a larger German label followed in 1988. By 1989, however, the band had gone on indefinite hiatus.

Almost 30 years later, though, fate intervened and through a series of events (detailed in the Siren EPK) the band was unexpectedly brought back together in 2017 to perform at the prestigious Keep It True festival in Germany the following year. Unbeknownst to the band, they still had a substantial and loyal following.

As Siren prepared for their reunion performance, labels approached them with offers to release an anthology of their early works. The resulting triple LP vinyl set with a replica of the debut Siren 7 inch single and a double CD set were released in 2018 to coincide with the live performance at Keep It True. These massive “Up from the Depths” collections also included new material recorded by the band for the anthology.

The band’s journey to prepare and perform at the festival was captured as it happened and is the subjected of a feature-length documentary film produced by wrestler/actor/author and Fozzy frontman, Chris Jericho. The film is scheduled for an early 2021 release through Gravitas Ventures. After their successful performance at the festival, and having been reunited for almost a year at that point, Siren decided to record another full-length studio album. It is not often that an independent band will have the advantage of a full promotional campaign for a film focusing on them. The album was recorded and released to make the most of this opportunity.

“Back from the Dead” is the new studio album from Siren. Released in the Spring of 2020, the music continues in the vein of their original influences such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and Saxon, etc. but with a sound that remains uniquely their own. Stylistically the music can be described as traditional, melodic heavy metal with solid riffs, memorable hooks and even elements of prog scattered throughout. Vocalist Doug Lee’s voice remains a defining characteristic of the band’s sound, and ties together all of their recordings from 1984 through the present. Lee was also the singer for the highly respected progressive metal band Mekong Delta during the early 1990s while Siren was not active.

Drummer Ed Aborn, one of the founding members of the band in 1981, acted as engineer and producer for the recording of the new album. Guitarist Hal Dunn, also a founding member of Siren, and lead guitarist Todd Grubbs both brought their unique styles to the new material. Rounding out the current lineup of Siren is bassist Gregg Culbertson who also appears on the band’s third and final demo as well as their debut album, both released in 1986.

“Back from the Dead” features 15 songs and is available from FHM Records on CD and Underground Power Records on vinyl. Both labels are based in Germany and are solid supporters of the band. The album is also available digitally on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and all popular streaming platforms.

“Back from the Dead” has received a very positive critical response from the media, including an 8.5/10 rating and review in Germany’s premiere metal magazine, Rock Hard. Other well-known magazines have also covered Siren’s resurgence on the metal scene including Sweden Rock, Deaf Forever and several web-based publications throughout Europe and the United States.

The Sharpening
S-Blade Serenade
Fuel Injected Suicide
Science Fiction Movie
Lydia the Lunatic
The Devil May Care
Back from the Dead
I Am Clairvoyant
Watch Us Fly
Say It
Your Reality
How Do You Think I Feel?
Lost Passenger

Doug Lee – Vocals
Ed Aborn – Drums
Todd Grubbs – Guitar
Hal Dunn – Guitar
Gregg Culbertson – Bass

“Back from the Dead” was recorded and mixed at Intersonic Studios in Valrico, Florida, USA with additional elements recorded at The Office in Brandon, Florida and Hellfire Club in Tampa, Florida.

The album was produced by Ed Aborn and Doug Lee and mixed by Ed Aborn and Todd Grubbs.

Mastering was performed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida.

Instagram: SirenBandUS
Twitter: @SirenBandUS

Warzaw – “Werewolves on Wheels”

Label: Self-Released
Formart: Digital

“Werewolves on Wheels” is the debut album from Warzaw. A hard hitting heavy metal band from Trondheim, Norway, formed this year with members from Shotgun Rodeo, Pelagic and Blånæggel.
“Werewolves on Wheels” is filled with 11 energy packed songs with music reminiscent of the glory days of 80’s heavy metal.

01.Werewolves on Wheels
02.The Second Banana
04.Dragging Knuckles
05.Midas Touch
10.Mind Eraser
11.Switchblade Renegade

Daniel Rønning – Lead Vocals
Håvard Alvarez – Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Trond Jullumstrø – Lead & rhytm guitars, bass, backing vocals
Mats Sødahl – Drums, backing vocals

All music and lyrics by Håvard Alvarez & Trond Jullumstrø
All arrangements by Warzaw
Engineered by Trond Jullumstrø
Produced by Warzaw
Mixed and mastered by Roar Nubdal
Recorded at Lair Shrediablo and Studio Nubdal in June-July 2020 
Artwork – TKS Lowskill


Castrofate – “The Space Agency Scam”

Cataclysmic Metal Records

“The Space Agency Scam” is Castrofate’s 8th album, a NY-based death metal band whose goal is to play Maryland Fest every year! The album is driven by the excellent work of lead guitarist Pat Reilly and drummer Dmitriy Shnaydman, completed by the vision of founding member Dan Castro.

1. The Space Agency Scam
2. COVID-1984 (Realm-Wide Plandemic)
3. Planned Economic Collapse
4. The Ventilator Murders
5. Bubbles In Space
6. Model Ship Cartoons That You Think Are Real
7. Tin Foil Wire Hanger Tweeker Shelter (The Lunar Lander)
8. Staged Alien Invasion
9. Space Farce
10. Civilization Reset

Dan Castro – vocals & guitar, bass
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Dmitriy Shnaydman – drums

Produced by Joe Cincotta @ Full Force Studio.


Skinning – “Homicidal Experimentations”

Label: Larvae Records + Nightfear Records
Formar: DIGITAL | CD

Homicidal Experimentations is the third full-length from Portuguese death metallers Skinning, an album that sees the bloodthirsty trio keeping pace with their fast and aggressive roots while exploring new elements as they evolve as musicians. Homicidal Experimentations is filled with the bloodstained brutality of the 90s, delivering a coordinated portfolio of razor-sharp riffs, pounding drums, and a diverse, powerful and well-produced sound.

1 – Homicidal Experimentations
2 – Wrong Path
3 – The Gravedigger
4 – In Her Memory
5 – Sadistic Butcher
6 – The demon
7 – In The Hands Of God
8 – Destroyer Of Existence
9 – Blood Will Be Dropped

Vitor Lopes – Guitar, Vocals 
Luis Barroso – Drums

Homicidal Experimentations – full length album 2020 was recorded and produced in 2015 at the “Hanuman Studios” – Porto, Portugal. Produced, recorded and mastered by Bruno Silva and Skinning.


Three Eyes Left – “LEGIONE”

Label: Delomelanicon Records

Format: Digital | Physical (soon)

Italy’s Heavy Psych Doomsters Three Eyes Left return with the third release from the demon’s trilogy, “Legione”; 60 minutes of new music divided into 9 tracks of heavy psych riffs, sludgy screams and rural satanism. Line-up:
Maic – Guit and Vocals
Klaus – Drum
Andre – Bass

Recorded at Three Eyes left HQ in the Woods in may 2020 by Riccado Pasini (Studio 73)


DAWN OF TYRANTS – “Genocide Supremacist”

Black Market Metal Label is proud to announce the coming release by Canadian Extreme Metallers DAWN OF TYRANTS and their debut full length “Genocide Supremacist”. Delivering a dynamic and complex musical vision that balances the genres of pure dark Death Metal, the raw power of Black Metal, and unrelenting bestial Metal to become a full-on sonic killing machine. DAWN OF TYRANTS ups ante in pretty much every category; the intensity, darkness, heaviness, and of course the deviance and degeneracy.

1. Intro
2. Genocode Supremacist
3. Here Comes Death
4. Beneath The Hammer Of Extinction
5. Razors At The Throats Of Redemption
6. Tongues Of Madness
7. Through The Gates Of The Void
8. Christian Woman

W.A (Drums)
N.T (Guitars, Vocals)
W.T (Vocals, Bass)

Mastered by CAVERN OF ECHOES STUDIOS (Rites of Thy Degringolade, Dire Omen, Idolatry, Mausoleum)


Urfeind – “Wraiþaz”

Label: Self-Released

Urfeind is an anti-cosmic Black Metal project from Germany with a strong devotion to the thursian path.

The founder of the band is “Skadwaz” (vocalist, guitarist, bass player). Apart from that there is and will be no fixed lineup or membership for the band. Every role in the band can change or rotate.

The name Urfeind is a german word and can be roughly translated with Arch Enemy. It´s a metaphor for the thurisan god Loki.

Urfeind is the militant, hard and deep religious answer of Thursian Black Metal. No robes, no roleplay.

Nine to Zero
Anthem of Decay
Inner Rampage


Bloodkill – “Throne of Control”

Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | DIGITAL
Country: India
Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal

Indian thrash/heavy metal collective Bloodkill are releasing “Throne of Control” on January 19th, 2021.

The band comments: «’Throne of Control’ has an underlying story of how things are bitterly different from what it looks on the surface. Two sides of the same coin, narcissism, corrupted governance and the presence of duality in everything is what we talk about with our debut full-length album.»

1. The Unveiling
2. Blindead Circus
3. False Face
4. 3B
5. Unite and Conquer
6. Horrorscope
7. For I am the Messiah
8. Throne of Control

Anirudh Gollapudi – Vocals
Vishwas Shetty – Rhythm Guitar
Shubham Khare – Lead Guitar
Yash Wadkar – Bass
Jay Patil – Drums

Recorded at Illusion Studios, Produced by Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor, White Moth Black Butterfly)


Lethe – “Gamma” (Anna Murphy and Tor-Helge Skei)

“Gamma” is a brand new stand-alone single from Lethe, a norwegian/swiss band pushing the boundaries for experimental rock/metal/electronic sounds.
The two-track single will be released on all digital platforms on December 4, as well as in a extremely limited vinyl 7″, pressed in only 50 copies!

Lethe is a metal/triphop/electronic/pop/experimental (?) project featuring Tor-Helge Skei (Manes/Manii) and Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling), as well as a long list of external contributors.. The band was started in the end of 2012, as a ‘home’ for Anna and Tor-Helge’s musical and artistic experiments, and right from the beginning, the main rule has been that there are no rules, no expectations, no compromises.. The band has been categorized as a lot of things, genre-bending, style-bastardization, ecclectic, and even just plain weird, but even if experimentalism and fuck-all-rules is an important factor, the band is not afraid to incorporate melody and catchiness into the music. Lethe is something unique, something personal and quite ‘different’… Lyrically and conceptually, Lethe is like a journey through the ‘back alleys of the human mind/psyche’, through dreams and nightmares, paranoia, mental breakdown, inner darkness.. No religion, fantasy, or pretend play.. Real life, real experiences, real horror..

Lethe has released two albums so far (“When dreams become nightmares” in 2014, and “The first corpse on the moon” in 2017), as well as a few of singles (“Come look at the darkness with me”, “Forever”, and the latest one, “Gamma”), and is currently working on a 3rd album, hoping for a release sometime in 2021.

Tor-Helge Skei
Anna Murphy

Mixed and Mastered at Soundfarm Studios by Anna Murphy


Gut Gut – “Delice’M”

The album “Delice’M” was written between March and April of 2020, during the confinement applied in France as in most countries. This album is the testimony of this suspended and haunting moment, oscillating between doubts and hopes, dreams and everyday reality, between real desires and needs.

Serge Gonnet comments: «I wrote this album in forced solitude, surrounded by ghosts, and I have to say that we had a wonderful time… I listened to them very carefully so I was able to catch their breath suggesting what to play. Really fantastic! Almost possessed, I was able to play all the instruments, while helped by some programming. I recorded “Delice’M” at L’Imagerie Musicale Mobil Studio, my trailer transformed into a mobile studio.»


Black Paisley – “Rambler”

Meet then revamped and re-amped Black Paisley mk II introducing their new modern version of Classic Rock. With the new line-up and album Paisley has taken a direction towards the more modern bands like Volbeat, Inglorious and Black Top Mojo but remaining the foundation in strong songs and choruses from their heritage in melodic rock and AOR.

The new line-up is including Franco Santunione from Electric Boys, who has produced the album together with Martin Karlegård, and is mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Thunder Express, Robert Humbucker).

First song out from the album is “Without Us” (single) out the 6th of November.

The album “Rambler” will be released on all streaming platforms on December 11th, and the CD including special CD gatefold edition will be ready for pre-order already in November at:

Black Paisley new line-up (mk II):
– Stefan Blomqvist – Lead vocals and guitar
– Franco Santunione – Guitars
– Jan Emanuelsson – Bass
– Robert Karaszi – Drums and Percussion.

Rambler (2020)
– Produced by – Franco Santunione
– Co-produced and engineered by – Martin Karlegård at SubMob Studios
– Mixed by – Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker
– Mastered by – Classe Persson at CRP Recording
– Cover art by – Tanbeed Amin
– Band photos by – Mats Vassfjord
– Management by – Eric Sandström at Shelter Music