We're specialized in metal & hard rock, and our services include print, web and radio/playlist promotion, as well as social media marketing and tour press. Our services extend to record labels, bands, artists and festivals, for new releases as well as back catalogue titles, tours, events, etc. Getting your music out to all media websites, radio stations, magazines, blogs, podcasts, social media platforms, etc, takes a lot of time and we're here to help you. Check all our services available at this location.
Promotion is done worldwide with a special focus in Europe. We also run PR campaigns in North America, South America, Australia/New Zealand and in some other territories on a smaller scale.
Go to our Services page and select a campaign. Then, you'll be redirected to an online form where you can submit all promo materials and pay.
For those who subscribe to the Press Release service only, after you submit your materials at this location, we'll review your data. We will then send a press release complete with graphic elements (band photo, artwork), quotes and social links to our media partners. Your press release will also be published on our website, Instagram and Facebook page as well. Now, you can order a single press release with the final report and find a media partner for an exclusive premiere.
Our contact list includes pretty much all major print and online magazines, as well as thousands of other zines, radios and freelancer writers. Regarding the success rate, it depends on several factors, including genre, the band's background and if the editors of these magazines will find the content we're sending interesting enough for their readership.
We will help clients with an active PR campaign find media partners for exclusive premieres. If you don't have any PR campaign active with us you can order this add-on here. As this process requires some time, we may need 1-2 weeks in advance to get your premiere ready.
You can add the report option once you order the PR campaign or Press Release news.
Now you can promote your music on Spotify and increase your plays (per song or distributed by the album). You can increase between 500 and 10.000 plays. Check our Services page.