Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal – “Devoured in Decay”

Label: Self-Released
Country: United States

RECENTLY VACATED GRAVES: TRUE ZOMBIE METAL rises once again from the grave with their latest rigor mortis-laden, brain-devouring EP, Devoured in Decay. Simply described as “zombie metal,” RVG:TZM continues to evolve its amalgamation of doom, death, and black metal with lyrics inspired by classic zombie films, while maintaining all the hallmarks of its classic sound.

As with past releases, Devoured in Decay’s lyrics focus on zombie-centric tales from the undead’s point of view. For example, “Section 8” pays specific tribute to Bub from the seminal 1985 film Day of the Dead, and “Hhrrrdd” is a wordless tale describing the journey of a horde of the undead.

Devoured in Decay is the first RVG:TZM release to feature major songwriting contributions by vocalist Clinton Ebadi, performance by longtime live vocalist Nick Schneider, and the varied and impressive talents of bassist/producer/engineer Johnn Harbinger. Lead guitarist Andrew Glaros, previously heard on the 2012 release Consumed by Death, returns with solos on “You Die” and “Section 8.”

Self-recorded in undisclosed locations.
Mixed & mastered by Johnn Harbringer.
Produced by Tim Regan & Johnn Harbinger.

You Die
Section 8
Devoured in Decay

Tim Regan – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Programming
Johnn Harbringer – Lead Bass, Programming
Clinton Ebadi – Lead Vocals
Mike Wilson – Lead Guitar
Nick Schneider – Lead Vocals