Samuli Federley – “9 Classics on 8 Strings”

Label: Dr Johns Surgery Records

Samuli is a Suomi shredder highly regarded as one of the most talented Finnish guitarists. His new album, “9 Classics on 8 Strings”, is totally different from the heavy solo guitar work he normally does, with the musician showcasing his absolute skills on the 8-string guitar. 

Samuli comments on the new album:«I’ve always loved classical music and electric guitar. I wanted to combine these two in a way that respects the original feel of the tunes. Some tunes are arranged to meet a modern style and some others are very much like they are used to be heard. I want to show that an electric guitar can be played like this in a classical format as a soloist and without having to follow a rock approach. There are four epic songs on the album, two ballads and three very challenging virtuoso style songs. The album was challenging when it comes to the technical side of this kind of music but also when performing more mellow vocal lines.»