Serrated – “Sifting Through the Remnants”

Label: Blood and Brutality Records

Line-up: Arant: Drums, Bass, and Vocals
Lawley: Guitar

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Formed in April of 1998. Entered the studio for the first time in the summer 1999 to record what would become the first half of the debut album “The Essence of Destruction”. Recording would continue for the album in the summer of 2000 and 2001. The first full-lenght was officially released internationally in November of 2011. The band has consistently been releasing material since then with the latest release being 2018’s “Mortal Coil” demo. This demo is made up from a rehearsal session. The first two tracks were completely new releases and the last track was “Anguish” which is featured on the first album. That release along with all others can be found on the band’s official bandcamp page. The band’s newest, yet to be released EP, “Sifting Through the Remnants” features three brand new tracks and two previously released singles newly mixed and mastered. The EP artwork was done by the artist named Adi Dechristianize.