Strydegor – “Isolacracy”

Label: MDD Records

Germany’s melodic death metallers Strydegor have chosen Friday the 13th as the release date of their new album, “Isolacracy”. Set to be released in November via MDD, “Isolacracy” features the most incisive and lasting 11 tracks the band has ever made.

Over the last 10 years, Strydegor have been delivering their unique sound of melodic death metal with acoustic hymn-like swirls, not forgetting the windy black metal to complete the atmosphere. Three albums later and several gigs in the European stages, these northerners return in full fury with a brand new sound-storm that goes by the name of “Isolacracy”. 

The album was produced by Oliver Carell/Blastbeat Productions and mastered by Lasse Lammert/LSD Studio Lübeck.

1. Beware the Beast Man
2. Innocence Corroded
3. Lucid
4. Stars and Strife
5. World in your Hands
6. Into the Unknown
7. Escape
8. Enemy:Inside
9. As April slowly fades
10. Oceans
11. Still Alive

Florian Kunde – Guitar, VocalsDaniel Hauschild – GuitarMartin Schmidt – Bass Guitar
Immanuel Promnitz – Drums