What We Believe

Media outlets receive a deluge of emails daily, which, on the bright side, signals a constant influx of new music. However, amidst this volume, standing out becomes a challenge. That’s precisely what we’re here to address. With our established relationships within the media, all of whom have consented to receive our PR campaigns and press releases, we meticulously craft your promotional text and design to ensure you stand out. This means you can be confident that your message reaches the right audiences without any concerns of being labeled as spam, as we strictly adhere to authorized communication. Rest assured, we do not collect emails without explicit permission, safeguarding both your reputation and ours in the process.

We’re not here to promise that you’ll become the next big sensation. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that everyone will like your music, but what we can assure is putting your work in front of many who potentially could. At the end of the day, the success of any campaign really boils down to the quality of your music. While we dedicate our expertise to amplifying your presence, the true magic comes from the intrinsic value of what you offer, be it music, artwork, or any other form. Genuine and outstanding work has a natural charm that captivates the right audiences. We can guarantee they will see it, and that’s the first crucial step towards winning fans and results.

We carefully consider our pricing to accommodate the financial realities that many bands and labels face. We operate on a straightforward basis; all details about our services, including what each package comprises, are available on our website. While we’re not the key to your success, we serve as a valuable resource that can help you achieve greater things in the future. When we started, in 2012, I remember working with bands that were then unknown and now have achieved cult status, like Beastmilk (now known as Grave Pleasures). Remember, patience is key, and your choices lay the foundation for a successful path ahead.