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Scarlet Desire – “Cry For Your Name”

Scarlet Desire – “Cry For Your Name”
Release date: 06/12/2019

Scarlet Desire is a Finnish-Greek symphonic metal band founded by Esa Mikkola and Danae Komodromou in London, UK.

Danae, having studied piano and opera singing for more than 19 years, is an educated classical soprano and a great composer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Music at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, having started to compose baroque and classical music at the age of 11.

Later she started to write symphonic metal and connected with Esa, who has been playing guitar, keyboards and drums for 26 years. He has played in many metal bands, wrote a lot of metal music, studying and working with sound engineering, producing, mixing and mastering. This combination led to the release of the first single “Cry For Your Name” in 6.12.2019 and will follow-up with other releases in 2020.


INCINERATED – “Stellar Abomination”

INCINERATED – “Stellar Abomination”​
BlackSeed Productions
Death Metal from Indonisia

INCINERATED were formed in 2014 by YF and R. After many low-quality rehearsals, mostly covering classic Death and Black metal songs, they decided to incorporate new members between 2015-2016 to furnish this devil’s work as a five-piece band. Five as one devoted to Death!

They released their first “Demo MMXVI” in October 2016, and one year later, their debut EP “Enshrine in Chaos” was published by UK based label Cavernous Records in CD format. This EP included 5 assaults of raging blackened Metal of Death. Even if some labels showed interest in the band due to the great acceptance of the EP, they continue working hard by their own, writing new songs for their full-length debut album. As Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset wrote on “The Revolt of The Masses”, ‘the man with disciplined life is the man of excellence and not the common man who lives in essential servitude’.

After a hard and disciplined work, INCINERATED recorded their first full-length during the second half of 2019. The band approached BlackSeed Productions at the beginning of 2020 for the release of “Stellar Abomination” and the deal was immediately signed in blood. After a delay caused by the holy pandemic, the album is being released in LP and CD at September 1st. With this album, the band brings us to the total Chaos, Death and Destruction, or with other words ‘if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever’ (George Orwell).


HORRIPILANT – “Embrace The Obsession”

HORRIPILANT – “Embrace The Obsession”
BlackSeed Productions
Evil Death Metal from Spain

Coming from the hot and sunny Mediterranean coast of Valencia (Spain), this horripilant trio was formed in 2017 with the goal of crafting Death Metal under their own will, without paying attention to any of the current underground/mass media ‘trends’ or what nowadays is referred as ‘cult’. Horripilant delivers ‘Evil Death Metal’ rooted in the late 80s and early 90s style with a critical vision regarding what this genre was and must be. “Embrace The Obsession” features four tracks of Death Metal transformed into an obsessive paranoia inside the walls of Life, Death, Will and Satan, keeping the blood of the listener embraced during twenty minutes of devilish chastisement, monochrome ecstasy and miserable enchantment. Evil Death Metal, that’s what it is.

Recorded at Novoestudios (Valencia), and mixed and sound engineered by Facundo, “Embrace The Obsession” will be released on September 1st, 2020 via BlackSeed Productions, on 12” Black Vinyl and CD. A tape version of this record will also be released by Italy’s Unholy Domain Records. ‘It is the critical spirit which is the devil, and gives rise to the appearance of evil’. (A.Crowley)


Devourer releases first video from upcoming album

Swedish/Russian black/death metallers Devourer are currently working on their fourth full-length and have now released the first single from the upcoming album.
The video, which you can watch below, was produced by the band using clips from David MLLR’s “Zed Aliz Zed” (Lucifer Gnosis Mantra).
Watch the video for “When Death Inherits the Earth” at this location:
The band comments: «We started working on the new album last winter and now we are more than half-way to completing it. This time we’ve worked differently than on our earlier releases since our line-up doubled in 2019. From being only John Falk and Fredrik Håf we’ve now added Oksana Rage (Teodolit) on bass and Johan Vikholm (Sorcery) on guitar. Håf handles the vocals as usual and Falk the guitars, recording, mixing and mastering. Devourer is still an independent DIY band and evolves with every release. The new album will be our best by far, still remaining true to our signature sound but developing it further.»

Italy’s Isabel de Sade announce release details of new EP “Undivided from Desire”

Italian alternative metal four-piece Isabel de Sade have recently announced the release of their debut EP “Undivided from Desire”, which is set to be out on September 23rd, 2020. 

Describing themselves as «music to give food for thoughts, melancholic, to meditate and inspire about conflicts and love», the artwork shows a set of hands clasped between brambles, holding a Tuberosa flower, to enclose a distorted meaning between pleasure and suffering. 

Founded in 2016 by lead singer Marco and after some line-up changes, Isabel de Sade are now ready to show their music to the world.

For fans of Tool, Deftones, The Contortionist, Novembre, Alcest, Les Discrets, Klimt 1918…

SUICIDE OF SOCIETY release lyric video for “Planet Babylon”

German thrashers Suicide of Society have released a lyric video for the track “Planet Babylon” as a way to promote their upcoming debut album, “War Investment”, out on October 9th via MDD.

You can watch the lyric video at this location:

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of their live activity, “War Investment” may be seen as some sort of “Best Of” of their musical path so far, with the band delivering straightforward thrash metal of the old school, with audible roots from the German and American pioneers of this genre.

The album was recorded and produced last year at Anatoli Kalyuk’s Credge Audio Studios. The album is now available for preorder on MDD Shop.

Among Phantoms – “Memories/Catastrophes”

Among Phantoms – “Memories/Catastrophes”
Metallic Hardcore from Denmark

Assembled in 2016 By Lars Raun Petersen (LEVIATHANS OCEAN), Rene Holmboe (ex- BERSÆRK) and then-guitarist Marrtin Rylander, Aarhus saw a new player on the local music scene. The newly formed band eyed hardcore punk and two-step as the center of their musical vision, albeit with a strong focus on melody and big, catchy choruses. Later in 2017 Mads Trebbien (EIGENGRAU, MISOPHONIA, PUPPET ARMS) and James Amstutz joined the band on guitar and bass respectively. The newly completed lineup started writing tracks, drawing inspiration from diverse acts such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Burst, Refused, He Is Legend, Periphery and the like.
Among Phantoms recorded a self-titled EP in 2018, released this in conjunction with a video for the lead track “Breaking Point”. The EP received critical acclaim and a raid on bar, club and festival stages near and far soon followed, including a warm-up spot for melodic death metal mainstays, Aphyxion. After pummeling live audiences with equal amounts of swing and aggression, the band once again focused their attention on songwriting and commenced planning their debut album for release in Spring 2020.
In Summer 2019 the band entered Finland Studio to lay down drums with producer Mads Trebbien. Deciding to draw on the readily available “in-house” production skills of guitarist Mads Trebbien, the band proceeded to track vocals, guitars and bass at his home studio. A single release and lyric video – “Breathe You In” – was released in the fall of 2019 as an early warning shot of the new material yet to come.
During recording Marrtin Rylander chose to leave Among Phantoms and the band was left as a four-piece while finishing up the album. Originally a guitarist, James Amstutz filled the vacant spot and the band tapped local bass player Anders S. Mikkelsen (WRATH OF BELIAL, DEATH COMES PALE) to fill in on low end duties. With a fresh set of ears in their arsenal and once again a solid five-piece, the band eyed album completion with a projected release for spring 2020, only to see the global Covid-19 pandemic push back the release until fall 2020.
Andreas Linnemann was chosen to master the final product – an album featuring seven tracks written, recorded and mixed by the band with Mads Trebbien controlling the knobs and sliders. The cohesive end-product delivers a mixture of easy-listening ballads, fierce, aggressive two-step bangers, thunderous, grooving head-bobbers, as well as the occasional odd-meter riff to keep even the most experienced rhythm- conscious mosher on their toes.



Primitive Metal from Italy

From the bowels of city turmoil, tired of decadent and mediocre humanity governed by false values, money and power, old-school thrashers Sick Society think it’s time to get out from their offices and bring people their original PRIMITIVE METAL. Their new album “URNØ1” is set to be self-released on October 30th, 2020.


Invading Chapel – “Ghostly Rock Season”

Invading Chapel – “Ghostly Rock Season”
Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock from France

Founded in 1996 by Loïc Malassagne near Pau, France, Invading Chapel is a gothic rock & metal project which had their share of highlights in the late 90s.

The band now returns with “Ghostly Rock Season”, an exhilarating and satisfyingly slab of gothic music driven by a raw atmosphere.

“Ghostly Rock Season” was written, performed and recorded by Loïc Malassagne (All vocals & instruments) at Pleine Lune Studio except drums by Jim D and mastering by Pierre Houllier at Roots Notes Studio.


Counting Hours – “The Will”

Counting Hours – “The Will”​
The Vinyl Division
Depressive Dark Rock from Finland

Finland’s Counting Hours have inked a deal with The Vinyl Division to release their debut full-length “The Will” on October 23rd, 2020 on Black and Red Vinyl, and on 6-panel Digipak as well.

Choosing the term “depressive dark rock” to describe themselves doesn’t do Counting Hours enough justice as the debut album from this Finnish five-piece not only links their sound to game-changing acts such as Katatonia, Paradise Lost and October Tide but succeeds on evoking the lost feeling of the 90s dark and gothic music scene, mainly because part of what you get to hear on their fresh and intriguing 2018 demo was written during that era, embodying the original atmosphere and vulnerability only a band from those times could materialize.

Now, and in order to successfully explore this territory, Counting Hours have tightened the screws with the aid of Jussi Hämäläinen (Hanging Garden, The Chant, Mercury Circle), who handled production and mixing duties, and Jaime Gomez Arellano, a producer well-versed in their brand of dark music and known for his work with Paradise Lost and Primordial, who took care of the mastering process, to offer their debut album “The Will”, a truly exciting combination of varying elements brimming with dark-stained riffs and the melancholy yet powerful vocals of The Chant’s Ilpo Paasela.

Counting Hours were founded by guitarist Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair, ex-Rapture) and vocalist Ilpo Paasela (The Chant), and later completed by Tomi Ullgren (Shape of Despair, Impaled Nazarene) on guitars, Sameli Köykkä (ex-Colosseum) on drums and Markus Forsström (The Chant) on bass.

Salomaa comments on the debut full-length: «When we first started with Counting Hours, I basically went to our rehearsal room with Ilpo and had some beers along to record some vocals on the demo stuff I had made. Basically, nothing else besides creating music from the grounds I had made for Rapture back in early 2000. But anyway… Beer, good ideas (or damn bad ones) with a touch of Finnish-sweet melancholy combined with depressive music did hit us at last. After a while rehearsing and just a couple of shows, there was this very clear vision of continuing this path but definitely without any labels to own rights to our own music. That’s where The Vinyl Division enters as its founder David is very open-minded on these matters and wanted to help us out. A group of friends whereas passion for this kind of music does its job.»

On the production work, the guitarist adds: «Our first album is produced by our friend Jussi Hämäläinen and it’s actually the first time I’m involved in such process. New approaches and slightly different sights were very welcome even though we did a lot of arrangements ourselves. This album is surely something we were very excited to create and see its birth one day. On this album, you’ll hear pieces of something old but from something new as well… As if it was a wedding but more of a… Funeral wedding.»

“The Will” is due out on October 23rd, 2020 via The Vinyl Division. You can preorder the vinyl edition at this location:


PORN releases remixes album with Combichrist, Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nails

PORN releases remixes from the final act of Mr Strangler Trilogy, “No monsters in God’s eyes – Act III” Some of the greatest Industrial Rock bands paid tribute to Mr Strangler in the remixes album : Mr Strangler’s last words.

” It’s an honor for us to have these great bands involved: Combichrist, Stabbing Westward, Orgy, Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Chris Vrenna ( ex NIN and Marilyn Manson), The Anix, Ash Code, Lluther. I am a big fan of all these bands. The PORN‘s priest aka Aura Shred did a remix too. And with The One, we cooked a special remix with our side-project An erotic end of timesWe are PORN, you are PORN ! Mr Strangler is dead, long live his memory! ” Philippe Deschemin 

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Mr Strangler Trilogy is a 3 album concept about a fictional serial killer, Mr Strangler, and his crew.

The Ogre Inside – Act I :
The Ogre Inside is an album about inner struggle, about dark desires, and how society can oppress your will. This album is about Mr Strangler’s childhood. How he discovered his dark desires, tried to hide them and fight against them. This is a fight no one can win. This fight creates the feeling of being devoured on the inside, by an insatiable Ogre. The Ogre that devours you from the inside always wins. We have all experienced this kind of feeling. The album is an invocation, a way to set the Ogre free, embrace your ”true self” and allow your darkest desires to express themselves. It’s an incitement to act. The Ogre Inside won this inner struggle, giving birth to Mr Strangler.

The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II
In the second opus, Mr Strangler, by embracing his “true self “, expresses his dark impulses without limitations and has no boundaries. With his crew, Mr Strangler commits murders and massacres. He also invites everyone to make a step forward and act, invites you to express your darkest desires and join his death cult. For Mr Strangler and his team, the Ogre was released. They let the darkest of human desires be : murder.

No Monsters in God’s Eyes – Act III
In this final act, Mr Strangler’s bloody odyssey comes to an end. He is in jail awaiting execution. This final Act is his testament. Faced with the imminent end of his life, he takes stock of his life and begins a dialogue with his death and enjoins everyone to continue his work… the work of God, because if God exists everything is his. And even the worst monsters are the children of God. There are no monsters in God’s eyes.

Just after he died, Mr Strangler became a kind of messiah for an enigmatic community : The Stranglings , led by The Guide. Growing and growing, this community travels from town to town, joined by people fleeing the modern world for a new life.
The Story continues…