We're specialized in metal & hard rock, and our services include print, web and radio/playlist promotion, as well as social media marketing and tour press. Our services extend to record labels, bands, artists and festivals, for new releases as well as back catalogue titles, tours, events, etc.
Promotion is done worldwide with a special focus in Europe. We also run PR campaigns in North America, South America, Australia/New Zealand and in some other territories on a smaller scale.
Go to our Services page and select a campaign. Then, you'll be redirected to an online form where you can submit all promo materials. You can also find payment details on those online forms.
Once you submit your promo materials, which you can do at this location, we'll review your information and either edit or write new press texts. We can send press releases to announce the details of your new release (if the PR campaign is started ahead of the official release date) and we send the promo with the mp3 files and all promo materials to our media contacts, in order to get you reviews, interviews, radio/playlists and other features. During the campaign period, we will track the media's activity on our promo delivery platform and will send follow-ups and ask for updates regarding specific campaigns. We can also send press releases to announce preorders, videos, lyric-videos, single premieres, tour dates, and all info connected to the release we're promoting. Although we'll make suggestions to our clients on the press releases' content and when to send it, the bands or labels working with us shall submit the Press Release online form available at this location with the info they want us to spread. We will then review the data and write a professional press release based on that information. No additional fees will be required as all these press releases are already included in the 6 or 12 week PR campaigns.
For those who subscribe to the Press Release service only, after you submit your materials at this location, we'll review your data and write a professional press release based on the information we receive. We will then send a press release complete with graphic elements (band photo, artwork), quotes and social links to our media partners. Your press release will also be published on our website and Facebook page as well. Reports for this option are not available.
We'll send you some questions regarding the release or video you want to promote, and all you have to do is to record your answers in English and send your videos back to us. You can promote your new record or single and your back-catalogue as well. The video shall be uploaded directly into your own channels. We'll do all the editing, including intro and infographics. Once the video is ready, we'll send a press release to our media contacts to announce the video and give them some information on the stuff you're promoting (preorders, where to find it, etc). Here are some of our guidelines: 1. Answers must be recorded in English. 2. Keep your video no more than 5 minutes long. 3. If possible, provide a good looking background for your video. 4. We will not accept submissions containing any forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
We will help clients with an active PR campaign find media partners for exclusive premieres. All we need is to get an unlisted link and/or embed code of the audio or video to be premiered, and your preferred date for the premiere. We will then ask some of our media partners about the possibility to run the exclusive premiere on their websites/platforms. As this process requires some time, we may need 1-2 weeks in advance to get your premiere ready.
We do provide reports for the 6 and 12 week PR campaigns upon request at this location. Keep in mind that a PR campaign needs the first 4-6 weeks to start originating results, so we recommend to ask for a report once that initial period ends.