Morgengrau – “Staub zu Staub” – Black Metal from Germany

Morgengrau – “Staub zu Staub”
17 March 2017

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While the debut demo “Schattenzeiten” tends to present a rather raw and primordial sound, in “Staub zu Staub” Morgengrau are focused on emphasizing the atmospherical aspects of black metal without neglecting its powerful and energetic spirit. The lyrical concept has also evolved, with the band now exploring topics related to the driving emotions of human beings, live, death and nature, rather than pure anti-Christian content.

With an established and solid line-up, Morgengrau have embarked on a continuous journey of self-discovery 10 years ago and are ready to start 10 more years of pure chaos!

“Staub zu Staub” consists of 11 tracks with a total playtime of over 63 minutes.

Lupus – Vocals
Vultus – Guitar
Katharsis – Guitar
Krieg – Bass
Necrodaemon – Drums (meanwhile Moloch – Drums)

Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal

Instagram: Morgengrau.Black.Metal